How Does CocoSign Improve Document Workflow For Sports Teams?
Ticket sales

Getting rid of the traditional approach of buying tickets from physical venues, CocoSign enables sports fans to now purchase tickets online. This will be done in one easy step, from the comfort of their phones or computers.


Gone are the days when you would have to make multiple trips to the sponsors to finalize an agreement. With the eSignature solution from CocoSign, electronic signatures pave the way for contracts being signed online in record time.

Athlete contracts

Sports teams and athletes do not have to visit each other through physical meetings anymore. The e-signatures can finalize agreements with the sports team being notified upon confirmation.

Permission waivers

How stressful is it to go around obtaining permission waivers from fans and parents? Well, it is not the easiest of jobs. But with the introduction of the eSignature solution from CocoSign, you can get these waivers done through a smartphone or tablet only!

Vendor agreements

CocoSign helps streamline the concept of finalizing vendor agreements. And it does not stop at that alone. It also helps sports organizations track the status of different key vendors over time.


How useful would it be to have an online order form that can cater to all events? With the help CocoSign’s eSignature solution, events and catering activities can be managed online. This can help streamline contracts and facilitate smoother events management for the sports industry.

Use Cases

The sports industry uses electronic signatures from CocoSign in the following ways:

  • Season ticket renewals
  • Equipment order forms
  • Facility requests
  • Sponsorship agreements
  • Supplier contracts
  • Catering order forms

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