eSignature Solutions for Life Sciences

Hospitals, clinics, and research centers are transforming their contract management with CocoSign’s eSignature solutions. Our cloud-based suite enables you to connect and automate the entire agreement process. Whether it be for internal or external use, prepare professional documents with ease.

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Learn How CocoSign Assists Life Science Teams with Document Workflow

Sign Documents and Agreements Faster

There’s no need to send documents back and forth via emails. Sign documents on the spot and streamline the process. CocoSign’s cloud infrastructure enables you to access and sign your saved documents from anywhere.

Create and Edit Forms with Ease

You do not have to start from scratch when creating forms. Use pre-existing templates for the life science domain, customize it to your needs, and have it work as a legal agreement - all this within a few minutes.

Process Forms Instantly

Digital forms and signs are easier to process than physical ones. This ensures your records are maintained error-free. As a life science agency, you will be facing various kinds of forms. Our cloud infrastructure is meant to support all formats of documents.


HIPAA Compliance

CocoSign is trusted by many life science firms around the world. Our software is HIPAA compliant, relieving you of the worry about regulatory issues. Work with your documents the same way you’d do with your in-house software.

Safe and Secure

CocoSign’s entire platform is secured by the latest encryption technology and is encrypted end to end. Two-factor authentication provides an additional layer of security for your documents. Rest assured that your sensitive documents are always in safe hands.

Mobile Signature

Allow your clients to sign documents from their mobile devices. CocoSign’s website is optimized to work on any mobile devices with ease. Receive quality e-signatures every time.

Use Cases

Life Science Firms use electronic signatures in a range of situations like:

  • General forms
  • General contracts and agreements
  • Patient consent
  • Patient assistance
  • Vendor management
  • Field service reports
  • Financial sheets
  • Clinical trial onboarding
  • Timesheets
  • HR documents
  • New employee onboarding
  • ID Documents

Optimize your workflow by going digital

Sign and send demand letters online

Use a template to create an official demand letter. Sign it and send it out with CocoSign.

Check demand letter templates here

Create a valid POA document

Fill out your state's local power of attorney form online. Sign and send with CocoSign.

Check power of attorney templates here

Create and send out a proposal

Fill out proposal forms and documents quickly for a variety of scenarios online with CcooSign's powerful digital signature tools.

Check proposal templates here

Life Sciences FAQs

How does CocoSign help my life sciences workflow?

CocoSign makes signing and managing paperwork a simple task. You can do it online. Multiple people can sign at once via CocoSign.The platform offers advanced tools that can cut your workload drastically, and help you save money too.

Can my team members use CocoSign with me?

CocoSign offers advanced access and role management tools for businesses. So you can have multiple people use CocoSign at once, yes.

Can I send out documents via CocoSign?

You can send out documents through CocoSign, yes. And then you can have your users sign them remotely, in any desired sequence. You will need a CocoSign account to access these features.

Is CocoSign safe and private to use?

CocoSign uses the latest security and safety protocols to safeguard your data and keep it safe. So yes, CocoSign is a private platform where you can store sensitive data, including your signature.

What sort of documents does CocoSign support?

CocoSign will support any and all documents your life sciences organization requires, from forms to contracts. If the document can be digitalized, then it can be signed, managed, and saved via CocoSign.

How quickly can I sign a document with CocoSign?

You can sign a document in a matter of minutes through CocoSign. The process is as simple as uploading the document, using the online tools to sign it, then logging into your account to download it.

Is CocoSign a paid service?

CocoSign offers free as well as paid plans. As a free user, you can use a limited number of CocoSign features every month. The free plan is a trial that gives you an idea of CocoSign's capabilities.

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