eSignature Solutions for Government Agencies

The coordination of documents between the different government agencies has never been easier! The eSignature system helps government departments to easily and securely distribute contracts, circulars, notices, and other documents between different entities, portals, and businesses.

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Learn How CocoSign Assists Improves Document Workflow for Government

Save Time And Money on Processes

eSignatures save a lot of time and money that was wasted on ancillary procedures previously. With any document online accessible, people can easily fill in a number of applications.

Improve Responsiveness And Efficiency

The government can significantly improve process efficiency. The signatories can respond promptly and instantly add eSignatures as soon as the documents are shared online.

Security And Authentication Capability

eSignatures are globally accepted as safe, secure, and enforceable. The authenticity of the documents can be easily authenticated by the eSignatures combined with digital signatures.


Transparency in Governmental Documents

The governmental documents are stored online in a centralized location. The authorized users may access the documents from anywhere, and add their eSignatures. The modifications are tracked and accessible when necessary.

Streamlining Internal Processes

The internal processes are streamlined as the documents are modified in real-time. You don't need to send the documents, nor do you need to be annoyed with the delays in obtaining and delivering the documents.

Going Green

Nonetheless, eSignature assists you in going green. Forget the papers, printers, and scanners. With CocoSign’s eSignature tool, the documents can be created, approved, signed, shared, and circulated online.

Use Cases

Discover how eSignature helps your government agencies in the digital transformation process.

  • Licenses and Permits
  • Court Orders
  • Appraisal
  • Incident Reports
  • Service Registration
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Legal Residence Application
  • Citizenship and Voter Registration
  • New Business Applications
  • Certification Programs
  • Online Trademark Applications
  • Inter-agency Agreements
  • Expense Authorizations

Create official documents and paperwork faster and easier

Use CocoSign to seamlessly and securely fill out the day-to-day forms and other paperwork your department needs to function.

Government Agencies FAQs

How does CocoSign handle sensitive data?

All data stored on CocoSign is considered senstive and stored in line with industry-standard security protocols and best practices. That means your data remains private and accessible only to you.

Are contracts and documents I upload to CocoSign safe?

Yes, all contracts and documents you upload or sign on CocoSign are safe. They are legally valid and enforceable in 60+ countries. Further, they enjoy audit trail protection, which means you'll always have evidence of any signature you make on CocoSign.

What kind of documents can my government agency or department upload to CocoSign?

You can upload all paperwork you require in your day-to-day operations. This includes forms, NDAs, contracts, and waivers. CocoSign supports popular digital document formats like PDF and Word Doc.

How can CocoSign benefit my government agency?

CocoSign will speed up your workflow by allowing you to clear paperwork faster. You can, for example, save your signature for quick reuse. You can create and store templates of often-used documents. Finally, CocoSign offers a host of advanced features that you may find useful like role access management and bulk send.

Is CocoSign user-friendly?

CocoSign is often praised for its user-friendliness by both users and top media channels. It has an upbeat, optimized interface that you can access from your smartphone or PC, depending on your preference. You require very little technical know-how to use the solution.

Does my government organization need a CocoSign account?

If you'd like to use CocoSign for large work volumes, then yes. A Business account on CocoSign will give your government department or agency access to a variety of advanced features.

How much will CocoSign cost my government agency to use?

It depends on the scale of your operation. If you qualify as a business, you can use our Business account (plan) for $30 per month. If your workflow is vast, you can get in touch with us to sign up for an Enterprise account.

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