eSignature Solutions for Construction

CocoSign’s eSignature solutions are changing the way construction companies handle proposals, agreements, invoices and contract documents. You can digitally transform your paperwork at minimal investment and focus on what truly matters. Let CocoSign do the heavy workload for you.

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Learn How CocoSign Assists Construction Teams With Document Workflow

Faster Paperwork

No need to create agreements or contracts from scratch. Simply use CocoSign’s ready made templates, give a copy for e-signing, and have a legally-binding and auditable agreement ready in minutes.

Get Contracts Signed on the Spot

Why say “we’ll send you a contract” when you can get it signed on the spot? Take out your phone and stamp your e-signatures right on the spot. This improves conversion rates and impacts revenue. The agreements can also be reviewed at the same time.

Safe and Secure

Every document you upload and create is safe with CocoSign. We use the latest encryption technology throughout our website and cloud servers to make it impossible for hackers to get access.

Safe and Secure

Our entire website is protected with advanced encryption technologies to secure your documents and confidential information. Two-factor authentication provides an additional layer of safety and security.


Bulk Signage

Our entire website is protected with advanced encryption technologies to secure your documents and confidential information. Two-factor authentication provides an additional layer of safety and security.

Mobile Friendly

Send documents for signing to multiple groups of people at once. This reduces complexity and speeds up the overall process. CocoSign also allows you to review and edit documents within your construction team, facilitating teamwork massively.

Use Cases

Construction companies use electronic signatures for:

  • Contract and agreement signing
  • Blueprint approval
  • Cost estimate
  • Invoice
  • Daily report
  • Purchase orders
  • Timesheets
  • ID documents
  • HR documents
  • Appraisal
  • New employee hiring
  • Contract termination

Lay a firm foundation for your construction business digitally

Build a bettter business by filling in labor forms and other paperwork for your state faster through CocoSign's e-signature platform.

Construction FAQs

Can my construction business benefit from CocoSign?

If you process a lot of paperwork like forms and contracts, then your construction business could definitely get a boost through CocoSign. The platform allows you (and your clients) to sign paperwork, create contracts, and share documents quickly and easily.

How does CocoSign work?

CocoSign is an e-signature soltuion. It allows individuals and businesses to sign contracts and other documents online. Further, it offers advanced features like document management tools, custom branding, API integration, and payment processing that can make managing paperwork easier.

Is CocoSign safe?

CocoSign complies with major data safety and security regulations. Your data is encrypted and private. It's only accessible to you and no one else. Also, features like auto-expiration add an extra layer of protection to your paperwork.

What kind of documents can I upload on CocoSign?

You can upload all sorts of documents on CocoSign like forms, waivers, and contracts. As long as the document is in a supported format (like PDF or Word), CocoSign will allow you to upload it and sign it.

How quickly can I sign documents on CocoSign?

You can sign documents on CocoSign in a matter of minutes. Signing a document is as simple as uploading it and using the digital tools to modify and sign the document. You can send the document out to other people to get them sign too.

Is CocoSign trustworthy?

CocoSign is a top-rated solution that's used by SMBs and enterprises from around the world. It's been featured by several popular media and tech channels. It's as trustworthy as it gets.

Will CocoSign allow me to sign documents on my mobile device?

You can sign documents on CocoSign from any web browser, be it your mobile or your PC. You can access and use CocoSign from anywhere, even when you're out and about.

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