eSignature Solutions for Nonprofits

CocoSign has been helping nonprofit organizations from around the world in preparing and e-signing their forms, agreements and any other documents. Our extremely flexible plan allows nonprofits to streamline their business processes and drive their noble causes forward.

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Learn How CocoSign Streamlines Document Workflow for Nonprofits

Sign up Sponsors Faster

It’s hard to get sponsors for your nonprofit. So, never miss the opportunity to sign them up at the spot with CocoSign’s web app. You can access it from anywhere on your phone with an internet connection needed and an CocoSign ID.

Prepare Documents in Minutes

Nonprofits don’t need to prepare contract and agreement documents from scratch. CocoSign hosts tons of pre-existing contract templates that you can download and use. Provide the e-signature, and you’ll have a legally-recognized contract in minutes.

Improve Administration

You’ll be able to acquire and organize documents from multiple departments in electronic formats. This allows you to administer every department easily and improve accountability within your nonprofit.


Reduce Operational Cost

Producing and maintaining paper forms are expensive and cumbersome. Replace them with electronic documents and e-sign with CocoSign’s all-in-one solution. Everything is hosted on the cloud. Nonprofits are saving money with this approach, and you can too.

Safe and Secure

Compliant with multiple industry leading security standards such as HIPAA, CocoSign offers maximum protection for documents being signed, stored and shared, making sure that all the signed documents are for your eyes only.

Sign from Mobile and Tablet Devices

Allow your sponsors, clients and volunteers to sign the documents from their mobile or tablet device. This allows for on-the-go operational efficiency and the surety that projects will be completed within a given time frame.

Use Cases

Nonprofits can use digital signatures in a range of situations including:

  • General Agreements and contracts
  • Change-of-course forms
  • Donation signups
  • Government grants
  • Volunteer signups
  • Membership renewals
  • Timesheet approval
  • Expense reporting
  • HR documents
  • Employee ID documents
  • Offer Letters
  • Gift agreement forms

Save time and money for your organization

Create and modify an agreement

Choose a variety of agreement templates and save time and energy. Sign them online with CocoSign's digital signature tools.

Check agreement templates here

Edit a sign in sheet in minutes

Pick a sign-in sheet for your organization and fill it in with CocoSign's digital signature tools. It's fast, safe, and easy.

Check sign in sheet templates here

Fill in a verification form

CocoSign makes filling in verification forms a breeze. Choose the right form and sign it online with the help of powerful e-sign tools.

Check verification form templates here

Nonprofits Organizations FAQs

Can CocoSign speed up my NGO's paperwork?

CocoSign allows you to sign contracts, waivers, forms, and other documents online from any web browser. Further, it provides several features that make managing paperwork a simple task such as custom branding or template library.

How does CocoSign work?

CocoSign is a web-based e-signature solution. It allows you to upload documents like forms and contracts and sign them digitally with e-signature tools. Further, the solution offers several advanced features that can speed up your day-to-day tasks.

Does CocoSign support multiple signatories?

Yes, CocoSign supports multiple signatories. The app allows you to send out documents for signing to other parties and have them be signed sequentially.

Can I store documents on CocoSign?

Yes, you can store documents on CocoSign. You can even create templates for quick document re-use. In case you're worried about the safety of your documents, you'll find the auto-expiration document feautre on the site useful.

Is CocoSign safe to use?

Yes, CocoSign is extremely safe to use. It complies with many American, European, and other data safety and storage regulations like HIPAA and eIDAS.

Can CocoSign keep my signature private?

If you store a signature on CocoSign, it will be kept private, yes. Your data, including your signature, is well-protected. It's also accessible and visible only to you (and other account users).

Is it mandatory to get an account on CocoSign?

It's not mandatory to get an account, but you'll need it if you'd like to download documents and use advanced CocoSign features. You can also choose to sign in with an existing Google account.

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