Life can be unpredictable, and it doesn’t hurt to be futuristic when it comes to making financial or health care decisions. For situations when life doesn’t work in your favor, a power of attorney can help you be back on track with the help of a trusted person or professional.

Let’s see what power of attorney in Washington State is like.

What Is A Washington Power Of Attorney?

A Washington State power of attorney is a legal document that allows a relative, professional, or acquaintance to act as an agent of yours. A power of attorney agent grants the agent the power to work on your financial and health decisions on your behalf.

A power of attorney includes two parties, namely the agent and the principal. When both parties sign it, it allows the agent to make decisions of the principal on his/her behalf when he/she becomes incapable or unavailable to do so.

How Does The Washington Power of Attorney Work?

The power of attorney Washington State works very flexibly. Unlike every other state requirement that the signing of power of attorney should be witnessed and notarized, Washington State has no such laws. However, it is still advisable to do so to make the power of attorney workable in any other state.

A Washington state power of Attorney can also be revoked easily by sending the Notice of Revocation in writing to your agent. Also, all other parties like a bank, physician office, school, etc. should be provided such notice to inform that the old power of attorney is not valid anymore.

Types of Washington Power of Attorney?

In Washington state, there are four types of power of attorney.

Non-Durable/General Power of Attorney

A non-durable POA or general POA grants the agent the authority to perform any action on behalf of the principal. It ceases to exist as soon as the purpose is solved, or the principal becomes incapacitated or dies.

Durable Power of Attorney

This is the most common type of POA in Washington State. It starts even before when the principal becomes incapacitated or unavailable and expires only upon the death of the principal. A durable POA can be a financial, medical, guardian, or any other form of the POA.

Special or Limited Power of Attorney

A special POA grants the agent the authority to perform only a specific act, and the POA ceases to exist as the purpose is solved. This could be selling a piece of property or another one-time banking or legal transaction.

Springing Power of Attorney

This POA can be both durable and non-durable. This particular POA becomes effective when a certain event for which the POA was made occurs in the future. This event could be when the principal becomes incapacitated, unavailable, or unable to perform the act themselves.

Why Is the Washington Power of Attorney Important?

Undoubtedly, there are various reasons why Washington's power of attorney is important and can provide future benefits.

Helps in estate planning

Having a financial power of attorney helps a great deal in estate planning in Washington. You know you will have your financial needs sorted if you have an active POA. Even in cases where the principal becomes incapacitated or unable to fulfill the requirements, the agent can act on the behalf and gets things done without the involvement of court proceedings.

Keeps your mind at peace

When you assign a person to make decisions on your behalf, it not only leaves your mind at peace but family members too. It also saves you from letting the court take your decisions in Washington. In the absence of POA, a court would require you to have a guardian or conservator which turns out to be a tiring and expensive process.

Makes the principal’s intent clear

Having a power of attorney form Washington while you are healthy avoids unnecessary fights within the family members about the principal’s intent in cases when the principal becomes incapacitated, bedridden, or unavailable. POA clarifies the principal’s wishes and who will act upon him/her.

Washington Power of Attorney Requirements

The following are the requirements of the power of attorney form Washington State, according to RCW 11.125. 050:

  • A power of attorney should be dated and signed by the principal either before a notary or someone else authorized by law. Or it can be attested by two or more witnesses. The witness should not be the principal’s home care provider in any form or persons related by blood and marriage to principal and agent. The name of the witnesses should be subscribed to the POA in the presence of the principal or upon his/her direction of request.
  • Under the limitations of the law in Washington, the agent is not permitted to make any changes in the POA or makes changes in the beneficiary to the principal’s life insurance policy, trust agreement, etc. He is also not allowed to make gifts of any property of the principal.

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