Whether you are planning to travel abroad, or you are worried about an uncertain future, having a healthcare power of attorney in place will help you a great deal. It is a legal document that allows an appointed party to take health related decisions on the principal’s behest.

What Is An Ohio Healthcare Power Of Attorney?

Following the Ohio Revised Code’s Chapter 1337.17, a healthcare power of attorney is necessary for unforeseen future events such as accidents, incapacitation, or end-of-life care. Such a document allows both the medical personnel and the appointed Agent to form a clear and complete idea about the preferences of the Principal in terms of medical care and other related issues.

A typical Ohio healthcare power of attorney document contains the following items:

  • Name of the Agent designated to be responsible for carrying the Principal’s healthcare related decisions on behalf of the Principal.
  • A few options of the alternate Agents in case the primary Agent is not available or incapable
  • Contact details for both the primary and the alternate Agents
  • An outline of the powers conferred upon the Agent
  • Principal’s signature or undertaking

How Does an Ohio Healthcare Power of Attorney Work?

There may come a time in our lives when due to certain medical conditions or injury, we are effectively unable to make our own decisions regarding healthcare. For times like that, having an Ohio health care power of attorney can make a world of difference. This document allows you to designate an Agent reliable and trustworthy to make these decisions for you.

In the form, the Principal lays out all the directives for the Agent along with the extent of his/her power. This document is then signed by both the parties in the presence of two witnesses and a Notary Public.

Who Needs an Ohio Healthcare Power of Attorney?

Medical power of attorney Ohio can be drawn by and is helpful to any resident of Ohio.

There are innumerable risks around us irrespective of our age, gender, or health conditions. Especially if you have a specific wish, relating to end-stage treatment, this document allows you to appoint a trustworthy Agent to carry out your wish.

Although a medical power of attorney is helpful at any point in your adulthood, it is often created after the individual has faced some or the other kind of life-altering circumstances. Such as:

  • After being diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition
  • Extended travel abroad
  • Military deployment
  • Accident of any kind

Ohio Health Care Power of Attorney V.S. Ohio Living Will

The medical power of attorney in Ohio is used along with the living will which specifies actions or measures that you want or do not want to be taken should the need arise. This will help your Agent to make an informed decision with respect to your healthcare.

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