By the state laws of Idaho, you should present yourself for making important financial decisions and legal obligations. But what if you cannot make it to these places or are in a position where you are unable to make any sound decision? You would need the help of a trusted person, also called your agent, to act on your behalf.

You need to provide proper legal authorization to allow your agent to represent you. A power of attorney document acts as the legal document that helps you appoint an agent who will take care of your duties and responsibilities on your behalf.

This article gives a brief overview of the types, requirements, and information on how to file a power of attorney form in Idaho.

What Is Idaho Power Of Attorney?

An Idaho power of attorney form is a legal document used to stipulate the rights, duration, and responsibilities of an agent or agents appointed by a principal. The person who is delegating his/her rights and duties to another is called the principal, and the person acquiring the rights is called the agent.

A power of attorney form Idaho provides the legal means to delegate responsibilities and rights like making financial decisions, medical decisions, child guardianship, taxes, real estate dealings, borrowing money, and so on when a person is incapacitated or unable to carry out the specific task by himself/herself.

A power of attorney form can be revoked at any point in time by the principal. It is also called by many other names like a letter of authority, letter of authorization, and letter of attorney.

Based on how a power of attorney comes into effect, it can be called springing or noun-springing. A springing POA comes into effect on the event of incapacitation or inability of the principal, whereas a non-springing POA comes into effect from the moment the principal signs it.

What's Covered In An Idaho Power Of Attorney?

Based on the type of power of attorney, the rights vested in an agent's power could vary. For instance, a durable POA will provide the agent with the right to make any legal, medical, and financial decisions on behalf of the principal. The complete details of POA rights and regulations in Idaho are stipulated in the Natural Death Act in Idaho.

For instance, a durable or medical health care agent given the power of durable POA can make any medical decision for an incapacitated principal suffering from diseases like Alzheimer's. If the principal is unconscious, the agent can make the medical decisions to allow for operations or any specific treatment on the principal.

Types of Power of Attorney in Idaho

The agent is granted the right to act on behalf of an incapacitated principal with no set deadlines for the end of the durable power of attorney form Idaho PDF.

  • General POA

Idaho general power of attorney is similar to a durable POA, except the latter comes to an end when the principal is incapacitated.

  • Limited POA

This allows transferring certain responsibilities for a limited period to the agent.

  • Medical POA

This type of POA may also be called as the living will. It gives the agent the power to make healthcare decisions for the principal.

  • Parental POA

It helps appoint an agent to act as a guardian for a minor child of the principal for a limited period

  • Real estate POA

It allows the appointment of an agent to make property-related decisions like managing, renting out, and selling properties.

  • Tax power POA

It helps appoint a tax professional to carry out the principal's tax-related transactions.

  • Vehicle POA ( IDT- 3368)

It helps appoint an agent to take care of the principal’s vehicle-related transactions and legalities like vehicle registration.

Why Would You Use an Idaho Power of Attorney Form?

Idaho State laws require you to produce a valid POA if an agent needs to make decisions on your behalf. It can be extremely helpful in granting rights to a trusted person in case you become incapacitated or unable to make the decisions.

Physicians and health care institutions will require a durable POA to recognize the authority of the agent to make decisions on behalf of a mentally compromised principal.

What Are The Power of Attorney Requirements in Idaho?

In Idaho, you will have to satisfy the following requirements to make a valid POA.

  • The principal must sign the document
  • The document should include a dated signature and dated properly.
  • The document should have the signatures of two adult witnesses of sound mind.
  • The document must list the names of all agents. ( The primary agent along with any alternatives)

To revoke the POA, the following requirements must be met.

In Idaho, the principal can revoke the POA regardless of his/her competence and mental abilities. Any of the following methods can invalidate the POA granted previously.

  • Verbal expression of POA revocation by the Principal
  • Destroying the POA document.
  • By issuing a signed revocation document.


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