There is a growing norm to create a living will so people can convey their wishes in the end of life situations. However, different states have different laws regarding living wills, so it is important to make sure that your living will adheres to the local laws applicable.

If you want to create a living will in Indiana, you can use the Indiana living will form that CocoSign offers for free downloading. This form is designed keeping in mind the terms and conditions that govern living will in Indiana. Keep reading to know more about the Indiana living will form and the laws that apply to it:

What Is an Indiana Living Will?

Indiana living will form, also known as the Indiana living will declaration or Form 55316, is a document that details the end of life decisions of a person. This form helps people in describing the procedure that they want to be followed in case they are medically unable to convey those decisions themselves.

For example, if a person is in a coma and they would not like to live on life support, they can convey these wishes through the Indiana living will form. A person can make changes to their living will at any time by following the due procedure. There is also the provision for revoking the living will at any time required.

When Does an Indiana Living Will Become Effective?

In order for a living will to be effective in Indiana, the person who is signing the will should be of a sound mind. Additionally, there is a minimum age requirement for the person to be at least 18 years of age.

The will also need to be signed in the presence of two witnesses and it contains the witness signatures as well. The will remains effective till the time the declarant signs a new will or revokes the original one.

When and Why a Living Will is Needed?

A living will is required so a person can maintain a minimum dignity of life even when they cannot make their medical decisions themselves. Some people consider life-supporting medical processes such as tube feeding or ventilator support to be an unacceptable state of living.

In these cases, people have different wishes regarding how they want their medical treatment to follow. Since there is a possibility that they will not be in a state to make those decisions at that time, they can dictate those decisions beforehand through a living will form.

A living will form also makes sure that the loved ones of a person, such as their friends and family, do not have to make tough decisions that can take a toll on them mentally. These medical decisions can also create a conflict between the decision-makers at that time.

A pre-written living will eliminates this conflict by addressing what a person wants to be done during those times.

What Information Is Included in Indiana Living Will?

A living will form in Indiana must include the following:

Date: The living will form starts with the date on which the declarant is filling and signing the form.

Declarant Details: It is important to mention the correct legal name of the declarant. Full name is required while making sure no spelling errors occur.

Optional Clauses: The living will form contains various life-sustaining treatments and the declarant can choose to opt-out or opt-in for the treatments based on their preferences.

Additional Clauses: The declarant can also add their own custom preferences to life-sustaining situations they think might arise. It is recommended to fill this part only after discussing with a health physician first, in order to make sure the declarant is taking decisions that will benefit them.

Signatures: The form should contain the signature of the declarant in the end, along with the date of signing. Additionally, the form should also have the signatures of two witnesses with the date.

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