Do you want to create a living will form in Arizona? A living will form created in Arizona needs to abide by the laws set by Arizona State. However, not everyone is aware of these laws, which can make writing a living will form a little tricky.

This is why CoocSign offers a free downloadable living will form template that you can use to create a living will instantly. You can download and print this template from CocoSign completely free. Keep reading to learn more about Arizona living will form and why it is needed:

What is Arizona Living Will?

Arizona living will is a legal document that presents the end of life wishes of a person in Arizona state. Through an Arizona living will, a person can describe which medical treatment they would like to be provided and which they would like to avoid.

Once a person has put their wishes in the Arizona living will, the friends and family of the person cannot make changes to these decisions.

What is Included in an Arizona Living Will?

An Arizona living will should include the following information:

Declarant’s Details:

It is important to provide the correct details of the declarant, such as their name, phone number, address, birthday, and other relevant information.

End of Life Decisions:

The form already contains various scenarios in which end of life decisions may be required. The declarant can choose the decision along with the preferred options from the list provided.

Additional Details:

A person is not constrained to only choose the options provided in the living will form. They can add other options and preferences of their own, whatever they wish to choose. It is a good idea to discuss it with the physician first before adding these additional details.


The Arizona living will form should include the signature of the declarant. The living will only comes into effect when the declarant has signed it. In case the declarant is unable to sign it, the representative of the declarant can sign the will on the direction of the declarant.

Additional Requirement:

Arizona’s state laws provide the option to get the will notarized, or have it signed by one witness. This can happen at the end of the living will form.

Is It Important to Make a Living Will?

It is quite important to have a living will ready when a declarant is of a sound mind. This is because there can be cases in the future which may affect the health of the declarant in such a way that they might not be able to make clear decisions.

In such a state, the decisions might need to be taken by the family and friends of the individual, which can be very hard. Furthermore, the decisions that the family and friends take might be decisions that can deteriorate the minimum dignity of living.

Therefore, it is in the person’s best interests to make a living will beforehand. This living will can declare all the preferences they have for their end of life decisions.

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