Thinking about creating a New Jersey living will? Living wills are quite important for people to express their end of life wishes. Therefore, these documents require caution while crafting them.

The best way to make a New Jersey living wll is to download the pre-crafted form from CocoSign. CocoSign provides a New Jersey living will form for completely free downloading. In order to know more about living will in New Jersey, keep reading below:

What Is a New Jersey Living Will?

A New Jersey living will is an important legal document through which a person can convey their end of life decisions in New Jersey. These decisions include the wishes of a person to stay in or out of life-sustaining medical processes in situations where they are incapacitated.

Though a New Jersey living will, a person is able to implement their preferences if they are ever in a vegetative state, such as a coma. States like these can make a person unable to directly tell what they want to be done and whether or not they want life support.

Therefore, people write a living will in advance to choose their preferences in these situations.

Why Should I Consider Writing a Living Will?

Writing a living will is of utmost importance for many people. A living will helps in saving the loved ones of a person from emotional pain.

For example, if a person has no chance of recovery but is put on life support, the loved ones of a person can find it difficult to pull out the life support. Through a living will, a person can take it upon themselves to make these decisions.

Additionally, there is also a minimum dignity with which people want to live their lives. If someone is put on life support or artificial nutrition, it can be seen as harming one’s dignity. A living will makes sure a person can live their life according to the dignity they desire.

How Are Living Wills Executed in New Jersey?

Any adult who is in a conscious state and competent enough to write a living will is allowed to execute a living will at any time. A living will is able to be executed only when it is signed by the declarant in the presence of two witnesses or a notary public. A living will signed in the presence of a lawyer is also effective.

It is also important to the witnesses to ascertain that the declarant is of sound mind while signing the will. In order for a living will to come into effect in New Jersey, a medical team should make sure that there is no option to extend the quality life of a person. This means that the person should be in a medically vegetative state with no recovery.

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