Texas living will form is quite important when you want to describe your end of life decisions in cases where you might not have the power to do so verbally.

In order to write a Texas living will form, you can download the appropriate template from CocoSign. After that, you just need to fill in your details and choose your desired options. If you want to know more about Texas living will form, you can keep reading below:

What Is a Texas Living Will?

Texas living will form is a legal document in which the declarant (also called the principal) can state their end of life decisions clearly. This is important because there may be cases where the declarant might be incapacitated and unable to express these decisions themselves.

Texas also defines this form as the ‘directive to the physician and family or surrogates’. It is also known as an ‘advance directive’ document. Once a declarant has written a living will, they may change it at any time in the future following the appropriate process. They can also revoke their living will completely.

What Should a Living Will Contain in Texas?

Since the living will contain the individual’s choice to get or avoid particular medical treatments, parts of it can be modified. In general, Texas living will consist of the following components:

Declarant’s Name: The declarant should clearly write their full legal name, making sure they do not make any spelling errors.

Directive: The declarant should read the document carefully, including each and every clause. Each paragraph provides a situation where the end of life decisions can be required. The declarant can choose the particular option they see fit.

Additional Treatments: The declarant can discuss with their physician about any additional treatments they would like to be provided or they would like to avoid. Based on that, the additional treatments can be mentioned in the Texas living will form.

Signature: The declarant must sign the form once they have filled it in order for the form to be effective. In case the declarant is not in the condition to sign the form, a representative of the declarant can sign the form for them, based on the declarant’s wishes and directive.

Witnesses: The form needs two witness signatures as well. The witnesses should not be related to the declarant by blood, surrogacy, or adoption. While it is necessary for the living will form to have witness signatures, there is no requirement to notarize the form.

What If I Change My Mind After I Have Written a Living Will?

After writing and signing the living will, there is a provision to make any changes to it or revoke it completely. In order to make changes to a living will, the declarant should distribute copies of the new will to their physician, family, and other parties that had copies of the old living will. It is also recommended to have the old copies of the living will be destroyed.

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