Florida living will form is an important document when someone in Florida wishes to express their end of life desires. When it comes to receiving medical care in Florida, this document should abide by the healthcare laws and standards set by Florida.

In order to write a Florida living will form, you do not have to research the concerning laws. You can simply download the Florida living will form directly from CocoSign, where all this information is presented in a simple manner. If you want to know more about Florida living will form and the laws concerning them, keep reading below:

What Is a Florida Living Will?

Florida living will is used by an individual when they wish to express the medical decisions they want to be taken in case they are incapacitated to make those decisions themselves.

In situations such as coma, a person cannot tell directly if they want to be on life support, if they want to be resuscitated, or other such things. Therefore, they can write a living will beforehand that describes their wishes in various health scenarios.

When the person is writing the Florida living will, the will should abide by the various living will laws set in the State of Florida or the living will can turn out to be invalid. Additionally, only people over the age of 18 can write a living will. Any living will for a person below 18 years is considered invalid automatically.

What Information Is Included in a Florida Living Will?

A Florida living will consist of the following information:

Individual’s Name and Address: The individual needs to state their full name, complete address including street name and zip code, and telephone number.

Date: It is important to date the Florida living form otherwise the form will be considered invalid. Additionally, putting a date on the living form determines its recency, and more recently signed living forms can be considered more authentic.

Living Condition Statements: The person should read the form and various living condition statements that are presented in it. Based on that, the individual can choose their responses for various illnesses and end of life situations. They can also state the funeral arrangements they would like in this form.

Signatures: The individual should sign the form once they agree to all the information presented in the form. The person should also get the living will form notarized by two people.

Florida Living Wills Law

Here are the living will laws that are followed in Florida:

  • A living will should be signed by the individual in the presence of two witnesses. At least one of these witnesses should be someone who is not related to the person by blood, marriage, or adoption.
  • In case the individual is not able to sign their living will themselves, a witness can sign the living will based on the directions of the individual.
  • If an individual has a living will signed in another state, it can be recognized in Florida as well. For this to be effective, the will needs to follow the living will laws of Florida or of the state in which it was signed.
  • Once the individual has signed a living will, it is their own responsibility to provide a photocopy of the living will to their physician as well.
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