South Carolina living will forms are quite important as they give people a way to express their preferences in medical situations where they are incapacitated. For people in South Carolina, the living will is supposed to abide by the South Carolina living will laws, which are clearly stated.

Therefore, you need to use the South Carolina living will form template provided by CocoSign to create these forms. You can download this template for free from here. In order to know more about South Carolina living will form, keep reading below:

What Is a South Carolina Living Will?

South Carolina living will is a legal tool through which the person signing the will (i.e. the declarant) can dictate their medical directives at the end of life situations. For example, the declarant can state whether they want to opt-in or opt-out of life support in a coma.

A person’s living will in South Carolina comes into effect once two physicians have marked the condition of the person as terminal. Additionally, one of those two physicians should be the attending physician of the person.

It is also important that the physician’s opinion should be that the death of the person can take place at any time shortly. The declarant can revoke the living will at any time in the future. They can also make any changes in the living will at any time.

Why Do You Need a Living Will in South Carolina?

Writing a living will is quite important for a variety of reasons. These reasons include:

  • A living will is very important since it conveys the directives of a person for situations where they would be unable to dictate those directives themselves (such as being in a comatose state).
  • It provides relief to the family and friends of the declarant as there can be arguments about the medical decisions between all the people who care about the person.
  • Taking difficult medical decisions, such as pulling someone off from life support, can be a very hard thing to do. Therefore, a living will saves someone else from making these decisions.
  • A living will allows a person to maintain a minimum dignity of living in case medical procedures like tube feeding seems to harm the standard of life they want to have.

What Is the Required Information for the Living Will in South Carolina?

A South Carolina living will should have the following information:

Declarant Information:

The living will should contain the details of the declarant such as their complete legal name, social security number, date of birth, residence address, and the date of execution of the will.

End of Life Decisions:

The form contains the various end of life situations that might require life support, artificial feeding, and other life supporting measures. The declarant can read the various situations and provide their desire to opt-in or opt-out of life support and other death prolonging processes.

Additional Decisions:

The declarant can discuss with their physician and add any other directives medical situations they think might be important or probable.

Agent Details:

The person can also assign an agent that will help in making sure the directives in the living will are carried out properly. The agent also has the power to revoke the will at any time in the future. If the declarant chooses to have an agent, they should provide the complete details of the declarant such as their name, phone number, address, etc.


The information of the living will should then be reviewed again and sign the form in the end, along with the date of the signature.


The living will form should also contain the signature of two witnesses after they have read and reviewed the information presenting in the living will. Alternatively, the declarant can also choose to notarize the form as well.

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