Are you thinking about creating a living will in Ohio? Ohio has laid out various laws governing living wills and their validity, so your living will should be created keeping these laws in mind.

The best way to do this is to download the Ohio living will form completely free from CocoSign. You can then edit this living will template in any way you like or directly fill out your details in the will. Keep reading to learn more about the living will form in Ohio.

What Is an Ohio Living Will?

Ohio living will is a legal document that is used by an individual who may express their medical preferences in advance when the end of life situations might render them unable to express those decisions at that time.

For example, certain people feel that being on life support and feeding mechanisms hurts their dignity with which they want to live. They want to avoid life support, but being in a comatose state can render them unable to make that decision.

Therefore, they can make these decisions in advance through the Ohio living will form. The copies of the form can be sent to their physician and family members. They can execute the living will when it is needed.

The other benefit of Ohio living will document is that it can help family members and friends of the individual too. Decisions like putting an individual off life support can be hard to make by the loved ones. The living will document saves them the pain of making such decisions.

What Should Be Included in an Ohio Living Will?

An Ohio living will should contain the following information:

Declarant Details:

The form should include the full name and date of birth of the declarant. Make sure to write the correct spelling of the name in the living will form. They should also include the date on which they are signing and filling the form.


The form contains the various end of life situations along with the options on how the declarant would like to proceed in each of these situations. The declarant can read the situations carefully and decide the options that they would like to proceed with.

Additional Requests:

Declarants aren’t just limited to choose the options presented in the living will form. You can also choose your own requests after discussing it with your physician.


Once the declarant has carefully read all the information provided in the Ohio living will form, they can then sign the form along with the date.

What Are Living Will Laws in Ohio?

Ohio has some laws that govern the creation and implementation of living wills. Here are some of these laws:

  • The directions in the living will can be implemented only if the declarant is in a terminal condition or permanently unconscious.
  • In order for the living will to be valid, the declarant should be an adult of a sound mind. Additionally, the living will should have the signature of the declarant too.
  • The living will needs to be signed by two witnesses or by a notary public who can agree to the fact that the declarant is of sound mind.
  • The declarant can revoke the living will at any time provided that they communicate the wishes to the physician or the witnesses.
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