A 3-day notice to pay or quit is never a good experience for anyone. Neither a landlord sends it just for fun, nor any tenant can stay calm after receiving that. Moreover, your landlord can never file a lawsuit unless and until he sends you this Notice three days ahead of the legal proceedings.

Here we will tell all you need to know about this 3-day notice in California, its conditions, and how to file it.

What Is a California 3-Day Notice to Pay or Quit?

Whenever a tenant residing in California does not pay the rent on time, the landlord issues the notice that they can either pay the rent or evict in the coming three days. It is the preliminary step a landlord follows before proceeding with the eviction of the tenant legally.

The notice accurately states the information of the tenant, including name, address, phone number, and the total amount of the rent the tenant needs to pay. According to the law of California, the Landlord needs to consider the date on the postmark as a receiving date, in case the tenant delivers his rent by mail.

When Do You Need a 3-Day Notice to Pay or Quit Form in California?

It is never a good option to send this notification the very first time a tenant is unable to pay his rent on time. When the Landlord personally knows the tenant, he contacts the tenant and asks if there is some problem or some technical issue why the auto rent pay by the bank is not working correctly.

Yeah, in case of a habit of late payments with a no-good justification for delay, a tenant is likely to receive a 3-day pay or quit notification by the landlord to avoid future headaches. Legally, a landlord can send this notification

  • the very next day the due date of rent payment has passed
  • on an upcoming day in case, the grace period on lease has passed.

A lease we mentioned before is a legal contract between the tenant and the landlord. This notification is aimed to enforce this contract. The following are the things you need to be aware of when sending a 3-day notification to pay or quit.

  • If the tenant pays within 3 days, he can continue to stay as before.
  • If the tenant offers to pay after 3 days, it is the sheer choice of landlord whether to accept the payment or proceed with the eviction.
  • If the landlord accepts payment after 3 days, he loses the right of eviction.
  • The Notice must clearly warn the tenant that he should pay within three upcoming days or evict the place.

How to Write a 3-Day Notice to Pay or Quit Form in California?

Personal Information

Write the full name, address(street address of the rental property as current address), city name, and phone number of the tenant.

Amount to be Paid

Next, fill in the amount needed to be paid by the tenant as per the agreement. Write in numbers and words in dollars. Do not forget to mention the date from which the rent has not been sent by the tenant/received by you.

Party Receiving Rent

Mention the one receiving the rent. It can be a person or a contracting company. Mention the street address where the tenant is needed to report with the overdue amount. Always mention complete details of the one who will be receiving the rent or any other information you want to be recorded legally in this section.

Similarly, the payment method for the overdue amount must be mentioned in the document. This can be done in any of the following ways:

  • The tenant is needed to pay the overdue amount in person.
  • The tenant should pay the rent by mail.
  • The tenant should submit the rent in a bank account.
  • The tenant can transfer funds equal to the amount he needs to pay.

Sender Information

The person sending this notification must now enter his full name with address and phone number. Along with that, the issuance date of this notice must be stated clearly in this section. Write up the way you sent the notification to the tenant. Moreover, add your signature to the end of the document.

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A 3-day notice to pay or quit can become the last option for a landlord before proceeding with the eviction process. However, this process is usually dreaded, and many landlords face a tough time writing and following this notification.

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