Florida 3-day notice is a legal form created by the landlord to inform a tenant about their termination of rental contract or lease. The most common reason for this notice is the non-payment of rent or other dues.

However, the Florida 3-day eviction notice can be used for a variety of other complaints, including damage to the proper or any other building, violation of lease agreement, wrong parking, or excess sound limit.

In Florida, it is also illegal to sublease the property, which can further result in a 3-day notice. If you wish to learn more about Florida 3-day notice, read this article to find out more.

What is Florida 3-Day Notice?

A tenant can be evicted if they either fail to pay the rent or comply with the lease agreement. A Florida 3-day eviction notice is a document that is given to a tenant who has allegedly failed to honor the agreed agreement.

A Florida 3-day notice is a formal way of informing and warning a tenant that if they fail to pay their dues or correct their violations, they will have to exit the premises. The dues must be paid within three days (the legal holidays, Saturday, and Sunday are excluded).

The 3-day notice Florida must be under the law of the state, and it should be delivered to the tenant in writing. The notice should include the following information:

  • A statement that is addressing the issue of non-payment of rent.
  • The amount of rent that is due.
  • The contact number, address, and name of the landlord.
  • The date by which the tenant has to pay the rent.

Once the 3-day Florida notice is delivered to the tenant, they have three days to resolve their problem. Otherwise, the landlord has the right to file an eviction action with the court.

When Do You Need a 3-Day Notice in Florida?

You might need a 3-day notice in Florida for the following reasons:

Violation of Rental or Lease Agreement

A landlord would evict a tenant in Florida if they failed to uphold their legal responsibilities as described in the rental agreement.

The landlords of Florida must provide occupants with a 3-day notice to comply, offering the occupants three days to resolve the issue to avoid the eviction.

End of Lease / No Lease

In Florida, if the tenants continue to stay even after the rental period has expired, the landlord has the authority to send a 3-day eviction notice to the tenant.

This type of eviction is often given to the tenants who are about to complete their lease agreement and the landlord does not plan on renewing the lease.

Illegal Activity

It is not required for the landlords to notify the tenant of the 3-day eviction notice for illegal activities, since such activities cancel the lease.

Illegal activities may include:

  • Conducting an illegal business.
  • Involvement in illegal manufacturing or trade.
  • Prostitution.

Note that if the tenant is involved in any illegal activity, they don’t have the right to stay, even if they rectify the violations.

How to Write a Florida 3-Day Notice?

The following steps are involved in writing a Florida 3-day eviction notice:

Step 1: In this step, the landlord is responsible for filling and completing the 3-day notice form before delivering it to the occupant. The landlord must provide the following information:

  • The zip code, state, city, address, and name of the tenant.
  • The date of the notice and the name of the landlord.
  • The address of the property and the amount that the tenant must pay to avoid the eviction.
  • The delivery date.

Step 2: Once the form is filled, the landlord must print their name and sign the form. After that, the landlord must enter the address where the occupant can send the payment. Besides, the landlord should also provide their contact number.

Finally, the landlord must provide the date on which the Florida 3-day notice was delivered. If the landlord completed the form with the help of another person, they should write the individual’s name, contact number, and address.

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The landlord can serve the Florida 3-day notice to the tenant if they have violated the lease agreement. It is a legal way of notifying the tenants of their actions and the consequences that they might face if they failed to pay the rent or rectify their actions.

Now that you know about Florida 3-day notice and its significance, you must contact an authentic agency to get yourself a 3-day notice. You can check our website CocoSign for high-quality Florida 3-day notice templates.


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