Who Will Need Washington DC RMV Forms?

Whether you buy a new vehicle or you move to a new state, it is mandatory to fill Washington DC RMV (Registry of Motor vehicle) forms. As a vehicle owner, you need to change your car registration and license plates, your driver’s license and your car insurance. Each state has its own requirements and rules with how long you can visit or live in a state and continue to drive on your current registration and driver’s licenses, and auto insurance. Every passenger and commercial vehicle must fill the Washington DC RMV (Registry of Motor vehicle) forms as a condition of use on a public road.

What Should Be Included in Washington DC RMV Forms?

Washington DC RMV (Registry of Motor vehicle) forms include basic information such as the Full Name, Last Name, Address and Mobile Number of your vehicle owners. You should fill in the details regarding your vehicle information, registration type, vehicle make and model year. Following the details, you need to fill in the vehicle title information, vehicle condition, whether it’s new or used, previous title number, state and country. The form is followed by some more questions such as the owner’s information which includes his or her residential address, mailing address, state and zip code. The owner’s information is mandatory to fill if the vehicle condition is used. Also, the form has fields of business owner information if the used vehicle is purchased from a dealer.

The form also includes any bank or lienholder, which is also shown on the title. This alerts the Washington DC RMV (Registry of Motor vehicle) that the new title (to the new owners) should be mailed to the bank or lienholder, who will physically hold it until the loan is paid off. But if you are buying a car with no loan, the title should go to your address directly, and you can expect it within about a month.

How to Fill Out a Washington DC RMV Form Online?

You need to fill in the dealer’s organization or company name and the address details if the car is bought from a dealer. You should also fill in the insurance and purchase information with the company name, code, and expiry date of insurance. At last, you have to sign all the required signatures with a date.

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