What is An RMV Form?

RMV or Registry of Motor Vehicle forms is of multiple kinds offered by the Texas Department of Transportation. These forms address different processes related to transport or vehicle dealing. They are part of buying, selling, and maintaining the vehicle by the owner.

Some kinds of RMV forms are required when the vehicle is involved in an accident or injury. These forms are for legal purpose and help an owner to meet all the compliances. The common types of RMV forms in Texas are:

  • Blue Form, Title application
  • Vehicle 180 Tow form
  • Form MVIT
  • Puco Unified Carrier Registration Form
  • Voters Registration Form
  • Ambulance Permit 2012 2019 Form
  • Affidavit Of Fact Form
  • Texas Dr1 2012 2019 Form
  • Dl92 2014 2019 Form
  • Vehicle Transfer Notification 2009 2019 Form
  • Texas Repossessed 2010 2019 Form
  • Handicap Parking Tx 2014 2019 Form

Each one addresses a different purpose and may vary in format and particulars.

Which Texas RMV Forms Are Required While Buying A Car?

Buying a car in Texas demands a legal procedure and needs some forms to support the action. When buying from a dealer, the dealer must submit the Application for Texas Title and/or Registration (Form 130-U) on the buyer’s behalf. Filling out this Texas RMV form signifies that the car title has been transferred at the owner’s name and no one else can claim that particular vehicle.

Besides this, the seller must have removed all kinds of license plates or registration stickers, if any, from the care before the final handover. A fully-filled vehicle transit permit should also be submitted to the Texas Department of Vehicle.

This is the case when buying a used car. Both the Texas RMV forms are available for free on the official website of the Texas Department of Vehicle.

How To Fill an RMV Form?

Texas RMV forms can become a need of the hour in certain situations like buying a vehicle, changing the title, changing the vehicle ownership, and so on. As Texas RMV forms are a legal document and act as proof, maintaining accuracy is imperative.

While filling out a Texas RMV form, it is important to make sure you download the latest form version if you are filling in one online. In the offline form filling process, the use of a black pen and clear handwriting is a must. Make sure all the asked domains are filled with accurate information.

It is wise to cross-check the information before the final submission. All the ID proofs should be duly attested and attacked properly. If you are filling the Texas RMV forms, the scanned copy of the documents must be clear and neatly display the information.

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