Overview of Maine RMV Forms

Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) Forms used by Maine’s RMV for registering vehicle related transactions like for issuing new number plate or a new title for a newly bought vehicle. Additionally, the form is also used for transferring current title or plate of a vehicle to new purchase. The registrations are used by the RMV to calculate and collect Maine excise tax for the asset.

The RMV offers different types of forms including Maine Registration Form, IRP Schedule C Form, and Maine Fuel Decal Application. From permit forms to ID renewal application, license forms, title forms, and registration of a vehicle RMV forms can be filled for multiple purposes.

The various elements added to the RMV form are added to gather all the necessary details of the vehicle, its owner, title along with the name of the lien holder or bank if the vehicle is purchased on loan. Any change in the title alerts the Maine RMV about the new vehicle owner and the info is shared with lien holder/ bank that holds the title until the loan is settled.

How Do I fill Maine RMV Form? When and Who should use it?

Individuals who have either bought a new vehicle or have moved to Maine and want to get their vehicle (both leased/non-leased) registered with Maine RMV should fill the RMV form.

Registering your vehicle with Maine’s Registry of Motor Vehicles is easy. All you need to do is download the form from the official site, fill in the details, add e-signature using CocoSign and send it RMV via email or post along with the necessary documents. Make sure to add authentic information in the form. Incorrect details can be taken as a lawful offense and you may be punished for the same. Note that there are different methods of processing the RMV form depending on the form type and vehicle that’s purchased/leased.

The RMV form primarily includes buyer’s details and vehicle info. The address and name mentioned in the documents is specified the vehicle’s title and ownership. The title is an important document which affects the future sale of the asset whenever the owner sells the vehicle.

Maine RMV Forms FAQs

1. Do I need to fill RMV form for vehicle title and registration if I get a leased car?

Yes, you need to get your leased car registered with RMV in order to acquire its new title.

2. What documents do I need to be submitted with the RMV form?

You will need to submit the purchase receipt, Proof of insurance and Proof of ownership of the vehicle along with the document.

3. What are the charges for applying for title and registration of a newly purchased vehicle?

You are required to pay a nominal amount as sales tax, title fee, and registration fee when applying for title and registration.

4. When does the Vehicle Inspection take place?

You must obtain a vehicle inspection sticker within 7 days of the registration date.

5. Do I need to notify RMV about the change of my postal address?

Yes, you’ll need to update Maine’s RMV about your current (changed) address.

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