Part1: What Are The Types of RMV Forms in New Mexico?

RMV forms can have different categories and purposes. The primary way to divide the RMV forms is as RMV-1, RMV-2, and RMV-3. RMV-1 forms are used for registry transactions to get new plates and new titles for new vehicles, transfer plates from one vehicle to another and calculate sales tax.

RMV-2 forms, for instance, are used for processing registration renewals. This indicates if an insurance stamp is required or not.

Part 2: When Will You Need RMV Forms in New Mexico?

RMV forms in New Mexico are related to the registry of motor vehicles and are needed for registry transactions. These could include getting new plates for a new vehicle, a new title for a new vehicle, transferring existing plates from one car to another, and calculating and collecting sales tax.

The buyer’s name and address details need to be filled in the form. The ‘registration’ bit ties one’s name to the plates they have on the new vehicle, whether they’re transferring plates or getting new plates. Such RMV forms help specify the ownership of a given vehicle and are also required in the future to complete a sale when the owner is willing to sell the car.

Car insurance and sales tax are also related to New Mexico RMV forms. When a trade-in is taken from you by the dealer, they will show you the value of the new car, less the value of the old car, with the state charging you a relatively low percentage of the net.

Part3: How Can I Fill Out New Mexico RMV Forms?

Follow the instructions given below to fill the New Mexico RMV forms.

  • Choose the correct form to be filled from the CocoSign website.
  • Fill the required details. E-sign it if you have a signature already available on the device. Nevertheless, you can sign it using the trackpad.
  • Read the form again and check for any misses.
  • Download, submit and track for future.

Registry transactions may take a lot of time as there are several motor vehicles each day to register. However, when you have online tools at your rescue, the process becomes easier. With CocoSign, you can use the digital signature and fill the form even while lying on the bed.

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