What are EEOC Forms?

The EEOC forms come from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. It’s the government agency responsible for enforcing civil rights and laws that address work discrimination issues.

Therefore, any forms coming from the commission address work discrimination complaints and related issues. You can get these forms from the said agency or fill a complaint with your lawyer.

If that is not possible, the online option allows accessing and filling the needed documents in minutes.

What Does an EEOC Form Cover?

An EEOC form will entail complaints due to discrimination at work, among other related issues. Various forms depend on the case level and if it’s proceeding to the court or not.

If you have the EEOC complaint form, it will entail everything to do with the discrimination you suffered. It will have questions such as your details, the bias you are filing for, and details of the one accused.

Other types of documents involved include the interrogatories form for questions to ask the opposing party. The form is used for fact-finding before settling the dispute or escalating it to a higher level.

If the case goes to the courts and you would like to appeal the decision, you can sue the notice of an appeal application form to express your dissatisfaction and the need for another hearing.

Another famous form in this docket is the EEO-1, which contains an annual survey for employers to fill.

Who Can Use an EEOC Form?

Have you faced discrimination at work in the past? Is it rampant to the point of needing reporting to the authorities? Then you can grab an EEOC complaint form to file the matter. It doesn’t matter if it was racial, sexual, based on originality, age, or gender.

Any form of discrimination that offends you demands reporting before it gets worse. Other EEOC forms might include appealing the judgment made in court if the case went that far. For the employers, they will need the EEO-1 form to fill in the annual compliance survey.

When you begin solving the dispute, your attorney may obtain an interrogative form to question the defendant.

How to Fill Out an EEOC Form?

EEOC forms are available online, and that simplifies the filling process. All you need is a phone/tablet/computer with an internet connection to begin. Access the CocoSign website and proceed to the EEOC page.

You don’t need an account to get started. Just click on the form you want and proceed to use the form. Have a quick read on what it needs before filling. After that, input everything as required and don’t leave any blank spaces.

Finally, input your signature using CocoSign. If you don’t have a digital one, create it using the website and embed it on the form. The platform also allows you to share the document with others for filling and signing.

Once everything is complete, you can send the form electronically or download and print it. You also have a chance to store with CocoSign’s servers. They enable quick access to the document any time via your phone, tablet, or computer.

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