What Are EPA Forms ?

The EPA Forms are issued by the United States Environmental Protection Agency to manufacturers and importers of vehicles, engines, equipment, and products that may impact the environment. There are different forms for various categories of manufacturers and importers.

For example, the EPA Form 3520-21 is to be filled out by importers of heavy-duty or non-road highway engines, imported stationery, and equipment.

There are also different EPA forms for manufacturers and importers of antimicrobial products, biochemical/biological products, and conventional pesticide products, among others.

The forms are available at the official website of the United States Environmental Protection Agency. You can also find the forms on the EPA category of CocoSign website.

What is Included in an EPA Form?

The content of each EPA form relates to the required information expected from a specific product and equipment category. The form is usually designed to extract information on certain features of the subject products.

Additionally, details about the eco-friendliness of the products will also be extracted to enable the Agency to know if the product will pose potential hazards to the environment.

For example, the EPA Form 3520-21 has a list of items that are required to be filled out. The details of the type of engine, equipment or vehicle to be imported must be selected from the options available on the form.

The form has different sections on specific information that is required on each aspect of the product. You will be required to provide details as to whether the imported products meet the U.S. EPA Emission Standards or not.

Details such as manufacturing dates, entry date, equipment or vehicle manufacturer, serial number, and model, will also be required. The contact details of the parties involved in the importation process also need to be provided on the form.

When Do I Need an EPA Form?

The specific time when you will need to submit the EPA form and the unit where you have to submit it will depend on your product category. For example, the EPA Form 3520-21 is to be submitted to the U.S. Customs & Border Protection (Custom) by an importer before you can clear your cargo.

This means you should have the forms filled out before the arrival of your products at the customs. This will give you ample time to complete the form and gather the required documents that you have to submit alongside.

The same holds for other product categories that are required to submit an EPA form to get their products certified.

How Can I Fill Out an EPA Form?

The EPA forms are created as fill-in-and-print PDF files. The first step in filling out the form is to visit the Forms, Permits and Fees webpage on the official website of the United States Environmental Protection Agency website.

From here, you can find the specific forms that best fit your needs. Next, download the form and fill out the required details. The best way to fill out an EPA form is to check the EPA category on the CocoSign website to locate the form.

When you have found the form that suits your requirement, start filling out the information. Take the time to provide the correct information. Review the forms when you are done and use the e-sign feature on the CocoSign page to append your signature. You can then go ahead to download the filled form.

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