Part 1. What Are The Types of NWCG Forms?

NWCG is a body established via MoU between the US Department of Agric. and the Department of Interior to monitor all wildland fire operations happening in the country. This agency designed some forms which every organization rendering wildland fire service must fill and sign before executing any task. The forms are of different types and are for different purposes. Examples of NCWG forms include the following; ICS 204, ICS 204 WF, ICS 205A, and many others.

Part 2. Why Do You Need NWCG Forms?

There are over 20 types of NWCG forms available and each type is designed for different purposes- so the reason why you need NWCG forms varies. The use of an ICS 204 form is different from that of ICS 204 WF.

Part 3. How to Fill and Sign NWCG Forms?

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