What Are the Types of USPS Forms in the United States?

USPS forms are generally used for various purposes when it comes to international shipping, domestic shipping, and customs requirements. Whether you want to apply for becoming a USPS-approved shipper or have to report mail tampering, whether you want to become a commercial mail receiving agency or want to ask for a special price request - USPS forms of various forms are there to help you initiate the process.

What Are the Basic Elements of USPS Forms in the United States?

USPS forms may differ from each other according to their purpose, but there are certain common elements in all these forms.

The details include the applicant’s full name (initials of the middle name, if any), address, phone number (including city/country code), name of the Contractor, position held by the employee under the official contract, proposed pay, assignment duration, country and city of candidate’s birth, and citizenship (visa status details mandatory for non-U.S. citizens residing in the United States).

Applicants are required to add their language proficiency skills and education details in the form. Plus, applicants must include their salary and employment history.

In addition to it, the applicant also needs to provide the names, relationships, and ages of the dependents (legal) that will be accompanying them to the assignment country. Applicants need to provide all this information compulsorily irrespective of the USPS form they choose.

How Do I Fill Out a USPS Form in the United States?

To get started with filling United States Postal Services form first you need to download the form from the official USPS site. Once the download is complete fill in all the necessary details. Make to fill out the form correctly as per the declaration of the customs.

Applicants need to add the name and address of both sender and receiver, description of the item (include all details of the products that are there in the package), item quantity, item value, dimensions package, weight package, package sending date, invoice number, payments terms, and procedure to be followed for delivering the parcels.

Once the form is completed add an e-signature to the form using CocoSign. Next, get it notarized by the local notary expert of your state, a U.S. Consulate, or the U.S. Embassy. Finally, upload the completed form. Don’t forget to attach two photo identities.

You may use your passport, student identification, driver’s license, government employee ID, voter registration card, state identification card, current mortgage/lease, or corporate ID.

If you want to fill the USPS form manually then you’ll need to visit one of the post office branches of your area. Ask for the USPS form that you need, fill it out and submit it at the post office counter with the package. The clerk will add the label and complete the necessary formalities needed for the process.

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