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Part 1: What are the Types of NLRB Forms?

NLRB forms are of numerous types. They can be divided into unfair labor practice (ULP) case forms and representation (R) case forms. The ULP case forms include:

  • Business Identification Number Form - Form NLRB 5554
  • Commerce Information Questionnaire (Rev 2011) - Form NLRB-5081
  • Appeal Notice- Form NLRB-4767
  • Annual Notice for Petitions and Receipt of Charges - Form NLRB-4702
  • Appearance Notice - Form NLRB-4701
  • Unfair Labor Practice Procedures - Form NLRB-4541
  • Representatives or Attorney’s Notice of Designation- Form NLRB-4943
  • Withdrawal Request - Form NLRB-601
  • Charge Alleging Violation(s) Under Section 8(e) - Form NLRB-509
  • Charge Against Labor Organization or its Agents - Form NLRB-508
  • Request to Proceed - Form NLRB-4551
  • Charge Against Employer - Form NLRB-501
  • The representation case forms include:
  • Waiver of Eligibility List - Form NLRB-4483
  • Sample Mail Ballot Kit and Mail Ballot Voter Instructions - Form NLRB-4175
  • Withdrawal Request - Form NLRB-601
  • Responsive Statement of Position - Form NLRB-506
  • Statement of Position - Form NLRB-505
  • Form NLRB-502 (WH),
  • Form NLRB-502 (UD),
  • Form NLRB-502 (UC),
  • Form NLRB-502 (RM),
  • Form NLRB-502 (RD),
  • Form NLRB-502 (RC),
  • Form NLRB-502 (AC),

Part 2: When Will You Need NLRB Forms?

NLRB forms are required to be acquired and filled for various purposes. They are necessary for the conduction of elections, investigation of charges, facilitation of settlements, enforcement of orders, and also for deciding cases. E-file charges and petitions require NLRB forms as well. Filing case documents and drafting invitations to file briefs require the presence of NLRB forms, too.

Part 3: How Can I Fill Out NLRB Forms?

You can fill the NLRB forms digitally as quickly and securely as never before. Just go to the CocoSign website, get the form you require, and fill in all necessary details. Go through everything once after filling the form and customize the said form with your digital signature. Save the document, download it, and submit it to the concerned department for further steps.


Filling forms can indeed be a tiresome job, which is why CocoSign attempts to make it as simple for its clients as possible. All you have to do is locate the form and fill in all the correct details, and you will finish before you even realize it. Easy, accessible, and ideal is the mantra followed by CocoSign’s digital form filling process.

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