What Are GSA Forms?

The GSA forms are used by the government when making purchases of commercial products and services. These forms are also used to leverage the purchasing power of the federal government when making a purchase.

They are also used for other extraneous purposes, including reports, requests, authorization, monthly log, and summary of occupational injuries, among others. The forms are administered by the General Services Administration, an agency that is tasked with various government responsibilities.

These include providing product and service procurement support, managing the government’s real estate and buildings, and developing different policies and regulations. The agency is mostly known for its development of the GSA MAS contracts, which is also referred to as the GSA Schedule Program.

What Are the Types of GSA Forms?

There are hundreds of GSA forms covering different categories. There are GSA forms for buying and selling, real estate, small business, policy and regulations, technology, travel, and shared services, among others. Each category has its specific forms for different purposes.

Examples of these forms include a request for valuation service, official travel authorization, requisition/procurement request for equipment, notice of inspection, and order for supplies and services, among others.

When choosing a form, you have to be sure that you are checking the right category of forms. The US General Service Administration (GSA) has a list of forms for each of these categories. You can also find the editable forms on CocoSign.

Who Needs a GSA Form?

Business entities that want to conduct businesses with the federal government are required to fill out some GSA forms. There are some pre-qualification processes that vendors must go through before being registered with the government to transact business.

One of these pre-qualification requirements is to fill out the appropriate GSA forms. If you are interested in conducting business with the government, you should check the GSA website to know the specific forms that your category of business would need to fill out and submit.

If you already know the types of forms you need, you can check the CocoSign GSA form category to locate the specific forms you need. These forms are in editable format, which means you can fill them on the website and append your signature with the e-sign feature on the site.

How to Create a GSA Form?

It is easy to edit a GSA form to recreate it. The first thing you must know is that there are standard forms. However, if you need to adapt it to your requirements, you can access the editable format. You can browse through the list of GSA forms that are available on the CocoSign website.

You will find numerous form types that you can use. When you have found the specific one that you need, click on it to start editing. The platform allows you to fill out the details of the forms and also append your digital signature effortlessly.

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