What is the Purpose of Using Georgia Realtor Forms?

If you plan to buy or sell a property in Georgia, you will be required to use the Georgia realtor forms. These forms contain written details of the transaction between the seller and the buyer.

Suffice to mention that Georgia has a specific form contract that is widely used and has been approved by the GAR (Georgia Association of Realtor). However, if you do not want to involve a Realtor in the transaction, both parties can engage the service of a lawyer.

This will enable you to complete the legal aspects of drafting and negotiating the sales contract. Whatever your choice, you will need to get a valid real estate contract form that will contain some basic components of a sales contract.

What Should Be Included in a Georgia Realtor Form?

The content of a Georgia Realtor form differs from one form to the other. It also depends on whether or not you are using the approved GAR forms. Irrespective of the type of forms that you are using, there is some basic content that must be included in the form.

First, the names of both parties that are involved in the transaction must be included. These include the names of the specific seller and the buyer. Georgia does not allow for a community property transaction. This means that no one can enforce the sales or purchase of a property on behalf of another.

The person selling or buying must be the name included in the contract forms. The description of the property and the purchase price must also be part of the content of the form. Additionally, the agreement to sell and buy as well as the closing date must be included in the Georgia Realtor forms.

How to Create a Georgia Realtor Form?

Thanks to the internet, it has become easy to create any type of form, including the Georgia Realtor Form. If you want to use the GAR approved forms, you can find the details of how to get them on their website.

However, if you do not want to engage the service of a Realtor, both parties can get a lawyer to facilitate the filling out of the form and the purchase process. With this, the lawyer can help you to draft the letter. The best option is to create the form with available data from the internet.

With this, you can be sure to include all the relevant details that you want in the form. You can check the stock of Georgia Realtor forms that are available on the Cocosign website.

Can I Modify the Forms After Submission?

The best part about using the Georgia Realtor Forms on Cocosign is that you can use them as they are or use the tools on the platform to edit the form. You do not even have to download it to complete the drafting. Right on the site, you can complete the form.

You can easily modify the forms to fit your requirements. It is also easy to fill out the forms because they are editable. The platform also offers an e-sign feature to enable both parties to append their digital signatures without any physical exchange of papers.

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