According to a report by the Bureau of Land Management, about 65% of Alaska is owned and managed by the government. Only a small percentage of Alaska’s land is owned for private interests.

If you're a realtor in Alaska, it's essential to integrate modern record-keeping methods to boost productivity and manage files easily. Using digital signatures gives clients and partners a professional experience to sign and approve documents.

The best e-signature platform to use in your daily business processes is CocoSign. It’s an online web service that provides flexible alternatives to track document workflows. You and your team can sign documents on the go and make approvals faster.

How Are Alaska Realtor Forms Secure and Legal Binding?

CocoSign is a smart e-signature platform that incorporates advanced digital encryption protocols to keep data safe and secure. All your communications will be conducted via a secure SSL line.

Besides, the app gives you an extra authentication layer that you can protect your files with fingerprint and passcode. Only people in your team with the passcode can access such Alaska realtor documents.

The good thing about the CocoSign software is that it has a digital audit trail that maintains records of every transaction along with user details. It's also compliant with the ESIGN Act and eIDAS regulatory standards.

Why Do I Need Alaska Realtor Forms?

Alaska realtor forms from CocoSign offer an affordable document signing option compared to the conventional pen and paper signing. Our software offers a virtual and paperless solution to immensely chop off the costs involved in material and labor.

With forms from this tool, you don’t have to worry about any issues with the law. All Alaska realtor forms are legally binding and enforceable. Each time a document is opened, viewed or a signature inserted, you get notified in real-time.

All e-documents are cached on cloud-based storage with unlimited space. That allows you to use the files from any corner of the world. Even better, CocoSign supports multiple users and signing parties can sign a document in a timelier manner.

How Do I Insert My E-Signature on Alaska Realtor Forms?

Using CocoSign is a piece of cake since it involves easy-to-follow procedures. The following are a few steps to embed your digital signature on Alaska realtor forms free:

  • With a smartphone, laptop, or PC with a reliable internet connection, visit the CocoSign website and sign up for an account.
  • Drag and drop the file to be signed into the provided section.
  • Write or draw your e-sign or use an image of an already saved e-signature.
  • Send invites to other signatories.
  • Click the “Done” tab to complete and download the form for use.

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