Can Anyone Use Realtor Forms in Texas?

The Texas real-estate industry is monitored and administered by Texas Real Estate Commission or TREC. This governing body offers a wide range of forms on its websites that can be used in real-estate dealing.

The website says, these forms are for public record and can be used by anyone. However, only a licensed realtor is eligible to understand the purpose of these forms and use them. When a novice is trying to fill out those forms, odds are high that there would be serious errors that will lead to financial loss or an unenforced contract.

Anyone, other than a realtor, must be aware of these risks before thinking of using realtor forms in property dealing without the help of a certified realtor. Hence, it is to conclude that these forms are for general public use but can only be processed along with the assistance of a realtor.

How Do I Become a Realtor in Texas?

Individuals willing to take-up the real-estate industry as their career option can start from a realtor. A realtor is a licensed person authorized to help people in selling/buying properties. The real estate market is booming and offers great freedom and flexibility.

To become a realtor in Texas, one has to meet the Texas real –estate commission requirement at first. These requirements demand an individual to be above 18 years and complete 180 hours of required training and education.

Once this step is complete, the aspirant must look out for a sponsoring broker to start the practice. Submitting all the forms and fees asked by the Texas Real Estate Commission to acquire the license comes.

One must have to choose between an active and inactive license. After the approval from TREC, the candidate must prepare and pass the license exam and submit the fingerprints for review. Successful completion of all these exams leads to the establishment of a realtor’s career.

Should I Sell My House Myself or Use a Realtor?

Selling or buying a house is not like selling candies. It is a job that involves multiple legalities and demands 100% transparency in the process. While an owner can put the house for sale on its own, it is not considered a wise move as it will lead to fewer buyers and improper negotiation.

For a hassle-free experience, it is wise to take-up the help of a professional and certified realtor while selling the house. Being a doyen of this job, a realtor will help you fulfill all the legal requirements involved in the job, ensures that you are getting the right market value of the house, and brings the promising buyers only.

Besides this, as a realtor will be full-time involved in selling the house and bringing the prospects in, one might end-up selling a house quickly. Owners who are trying to sell their house on their own can end-up taking ages unless the buyer is a near and dear one.

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