When Are Washington DC Realtor Forms Needed?

Realtor forms are used to define the contractual terms of the relationship between a brokerage agency and a seller or a tenant and landlord. There are several types of Washington DC realtor forms, all of which are used in unique situations.

For instance, a rental application form may be used by landlords and property managers to gather data on prospective tenants. Using this data, the landlord can connect with the prospective tenant’s previous landlords to ascertain their character, perform criminal checks on them as well as credit checks.

Some other DC realtor forms like a lease agreement form may be used to establish the terms and conditions of a property rental between a landlord and his/her tenant. Therefore, they are used in landlord-tenant relationships to highlight the rights and obligations of both parties as well as the terms and conditions of the tenancy agreement.

They may also be used by tenants to express their displeasure of the conditions of their leased living space. Using this form, a tenant can report a problem with their residency, violation of lease or tenancy agreement, faulty house fittings, among others.

What Are Washington DC Realtor Forms Used for?

Washington DC realtor forms can be used to declare ownership of a housing asset. They are used to declare to the District of Columbia that one is the rightful owner of a house or landed property. Without filling and filing this form appropriately, the transaction between a realtor and the buyer over a piece of land(s) or house is not recognized by the state government.

They may also be used to collect information of potential tenants who wish to lease a house, condo or any other form of living space. The different types of Washington DC realtor forms include DC Tenant complaint form, DC Rad registration form, black rental addendum, Rad form 8, Rental application form and DC form 1a.

Because of the complexities of drafting one from scratch, it is recommended to download one from a reputable website like CocoSign. On CocoSign you can download tens of DC realtor forms for free and fill them with the required information.

How to Write a Washington DC Realtor Form?

As earlier highlighted, drafting a DC realtor form may be a little tricky even with a fundamental understanding of what information the form should contain. This is because formatting it well is also important. For this reason, it is advisable to download and save the form from an online resource.

On CocoSign, we give a brief background on what you are about signing before you start writing. Then, fill out the forms with the required information. This information will usually include:

  • Name of buyer/tenant
  • Name of seller/landlord
  • Contact addresses of both parties
  • Personal information of all parties involved
  • Terms and conditions of tenancy agreement
  • Signature of both parties
  • Date

With CocoSign, you can sign these forms online and share them with witnesses and referees for verification.

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