Part 1: Understanding Realtor Forms and uses in Ohio.

Realtor forms are used for transactions relating to Real Property and estate. It helps to determine the terms of dealing with a particular property in a district or geographical area within the state. It also defines relationships between parties and who undertakes what obligation concerning a property.

The type of realtor forms used depends on the transaction taking place. The form for the purchase of a property will be different from the form for leasing. The purchase agreement form is between the buyer and seller where the seller undertakes to pay the premium for the Owners Policy of Title Insurance before the owner sells the property. There’s also the ‘Lead base paint disclosure’ where the sellers or lessors of property are mandated to disclose to potential buyers or renters if the property was built before 1978 and has a Lead Base Paint

Some of the different types of Realtor forms in Ohio include Purchase agreement for house form, Ohio Estate contract form, Ohio residential disclosure Form, Landlord statement form, Sublease policy form, etc. Filling the form online is quicker and more productive. There’s less error and it is easier to fill.

Part 2: What transactions require Realtor forms?

You need realtor forms for every transaction or dealings you engage in concerning real estate. Whether you are buying, selling, or acting as an agent, getting familiar with realtor forms is something you have to do. The issuing of local permits and licenses also requires the presence of legal forms. Even the type of design and purpose of a building requires certain permits and licenses before you can carry out such a purpose.

Thus, realtor forms are used for both contracts concerning land. They are also used in applying for certain permits and licenses before carrying out any work on a building or land.

Part 3: How to Fill and sign Realtor Forms

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  • Select the Done option and download the Google doc to submit.


The flexibility and cost-efficiency make CocoSign easier to fill any type of Ohio Realtor form. It is even more desirable because you can get any type of form on the website without stress. And you can customize any of them to suit your needs. Along with signing the document electronically, you can also invite another party to co-sign it if need be.

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