Many organizations and nonprofits involved in community work or in spreading awareness about current social issues usually have a team of volunteers. Time and again, they run volunteer registration initiatives to bring new volunteers into the field for various events and activities. On such occasions, to manage volunteers and collect their information, a volunteer sign-up sheet is required. We offer all templates from Cocosign.

What is a Volunteer Signup Sheet?

A volunteer sign up sheet is a piece of document used by different organizations to get new volunteers to register with them for any upcoming event. The volunteers fill out their personal details such as name, address, and contact number along with the declaration of their free time. All this information helps the organization to mobilise a set of volunteers for a specific activity effectively.

What Should the Volunteer Sign-up Sheet Cover?

Having a well-maintained volunteer pool depends on the set of questions you ask in the volunteer sheet. The information thus gathered will help you in planning your event well. Here are some of the things a volunteer sign-up sheet must cover:

Personal Details

First and foremost, let your volunteers fill in personal details such as name, age, address, and contact details. You can also ask for a second and third point of contact for scenarios when you could not reach out to them.

Role Preference

This is the part that will help you in bucketing the volunteers appropriately. Putting the volunteers in their preferred field will only increase their output and ensure success.


Having knowledge about their availability during the weeks or months and their preferred time shifts will help you massively in planning.

Qualification and Skill Set

A volunteer’s qualifications, skill sets, and field experience will allow you to narrow down further the work you want the volunteer to perform.

Why Should You Use a Volunteer Sign-up Sheet?

Volunteer sign in sheets are an effective way to reach out to prospective volunteers. Apart from collecting information and creating a pool of volunteers, a volunteer sign-up sheet will aid you in guiding and managing your volunteers with greater dexterity.

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