Most companies have a training period for both new employees as well as those who are already working with them. A training sign in sheet is a document that seeks to maintain a track record of the attendance of a meeting conducted during the training.

The training sign in sheet is essential for institutions and organizations as it contains proof and details regarding whether an individual has been given proper training and is fully prepared for their roles and responsibilities. This document can protect companies from being liable if there are instances of injury to an employee or any damage to company property.

What is a Training Sign-In Sheet?

Very simply put, a training sign off sheet is a form that documents the attendance of employees for a specific training class/session and provides details regarding the purpose of the training session.

What Should The Training Sign-In Sheet Cover?

An inservice sign in sheet needs to contain information regarding the training session, details of the attendees, and a signature by the facilitator of the training session.

In the training information space, the facilitator of the meeting needs to mention the specific details about the training session. These details include a brief description of the agenda of the meeting, details about the topic being taught, and the date and duration of the meeting.

All attendees need to immediately fill in their details at the beginning of the training period on the training sign in sheet when they enter. They should mention their names and their designations.

Once the training session is over, the attendees should sign against their names in the same sheet to prove that they attended the training session and were present throughout and were well-informed about the topic they were provided training in.

Once the training session is over and all the attendees have signed the form, the facilitator of the meeting has to put their name on the training sign in sheet and their signature at the bottom of the page.

Why Should You Use A Training Sign-In Sheet?

  • A training sheet is important as it can be used for future reference purposes and can also be used by the company’s human resource team to document the training each of the employees has gone through.
  • It helps employers know that the employees have been attending the training workshops. Sometimes these training sessions can take place during working hours so it acts like proof that the employers were attending training sessions they are required to attend during the working hours.
  • It is easy for the facilitators to receive feedback about the training session as they have details about the people who have attended and can reach out to them if needed.
  • A training sign-in sheet provides a time-log where one can record what time an attendee has signed in and what time he/she has left.

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