Without a proper and efficient record system, tracking employee work hours can be a bit difficult. This is where an employee sign in sheet comes in.

Using information provided in the time in time out sheet, employers can better calculate the work pay of their employees, especially when the wage structure is based on the number of hours worked. In this article, you are poised to learn a lot more about employee sign-in sheets, essential inclusions on an employee sign in sheet template and the benefits of using one.

What Is an Employee Sign in Sheet?

An employee sign in sheet is a document form that makes it easy for any employer, supervisor or manager to keep track of the working hours of their employees. Using this sign in sheet, an employer can monitor and confirm the total number of hours an employee has worked per shift.

There are two types of employees sign in sheet. While one logs in the working hours of several employees per day, the other records the number of working hours for each employee for multiple working days. The latter is known as the two-week employee sign in sheet.

What Are The Essential Inclusions on an Employee Sign in Sheet?

Regardless of where an employee sign in and out sheet template is obtained from, it must contain the following information:

  • Employee name
  • ID number of employees
  • Arrival time
  • Time Out
  • Signature

Employee sign in sheets typically do not contain any private information of the employees.

Why It Is Important to Use an Employee Sign in Sheet?

A staff sign in sheets is a good way of documenting overtime hours. Employers can, at first glance, easily determine how many more hours past the normal work hours an employee has worked. It also helps these employers or supervisors better establish the discrepancies between billable hours and pay. They can also be used to calculate holiday pay.

Organization should consider using a staff sign in sheet for the following reasons:

  • It helps improve accountability of employees: Employees tend to take more responsibility for the work they do, when a proper record of work hours is kept.
  • It assists in tracking productivity and attendance: Taking attendance, no doubt, increases the productivity of any organization.
  • It proves helpful in a performance-based award mechanism: Logging work hours can help employers appreciate their employees more. Typically, awards are organized for the most committed employee.

Even with the several evolutions in technology and its adaptations, employee sign-in sheets are still well used in the business world today. For a workable and efficient template, check out CocoSign. We have a host of employee sign in sheet templates that you can download for free and use.


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