Have you ever been to an open house trying to buy a new real estate property? If yes, you would have probably been asked to fill a form before seeing the property. Most of the real estate agents and developers ask you to fill a sign in sheet when you are in search of a new property. Such form or document is known as a real estate open house sign in sheet.

Let's get to know it in detail.

What Is an Open House Sign-In Sheet?

An open house sign in sheet is a type of document that needs to be filled by prospective buyers for the property before they can take a look at the property. Such a document is made to be filled by the real estate agent or owner of the property to gather the details of all those visiting the open house.

This helps the real estate or owner to track the visitors for a quick follow up.

What Should Be Included in a Real Estate Open House Sign-in Sheet?

Various specifications should necessarily be included in a real estate sign in sheet to make it useful. Some of the important details that an open house sign in sheet should include are:

  • The address of the open house property on sale
  • Date at which the open property is seen
  • Name of the prospective buyer who visited the open property
  • Contact number of visitors
  • Email address of the visitors
  • The signature of the visitors
  • Time of arrival and departure
  • Reason of how they came across the property

These are some of the specifications that can hold importance for the real estate agent or the owner of the property in finalizing the deal.

When Should You Use A Sign Up Sheet

Not just for gathering the information of prospective buyers of a property, a signup sheet is used to gather information of the attendees, visitors, tourists, or students as well. Some of these cases include:

Volunteering Sign Up Sheet

A sign up sheet can be used to keep the record of volunteers and can help carry out fundraising and other NPO tasks. A volunteering sign up sheet includes information of volunteers like the specific task or job they are assigned, their names, addresses, contact info, email IDs, and other necessary details.

This also helps the non-profit organizations to ask for their help next time a charitable event is conducted.

Carpool Sign Up Sheets

Carpools sign up sheets are an amazing way to stay organized and well communicated with the contacts, provided they are followed and filled diligently. Carpool sign in sheets include days of the week, time of pickup, location of pickup, and the complete information about the person to be picked up.

This is efficient in organizing rides for school events, office events, or wherever pick up and drop up facility is necessary.

Party Sign Up Sheets

Who thought we would require a sign in sheet for parties? Well-organized parties do need it. Know why? These sign-in sheets help self-organizing parties assign work to each of the party members.

This sign-in sheet includes the names of the attendees, items they need to contribute for the party, if they need to clean up or set up the event venue, their phone number and email addresses.

Attendance Sign In Sheet

A simple attendance sign in sheet can be used in places where attendance is noted. This could be in a class, meeting, office, tourist place, or anywhere where general details of the attendees are needed.

Tips on Getting Your Open House Sign In Sheet Filled

Just like everything else, you need to be courteous to get your open house sign in sheet filled. To make the most of it, here are the tips on the same:

Assure privacy

No one feels right to share their details like phone numbers to whoever is asking in this cruel world. You, therefore, need to be truly honest in your intentions and assure your visitors that the privacy of their information will be protected and will be used for fair means.

Enlighten the purpose of the information collected

Enlighten your visitors on why the information is being collected from them. When they know the purpose, it is easier for them to provide their information. Moreover,depending on the vibes you give out, your intentions will speak for yourself.

Provide an opt-out option

Adding an opt-out option on follow-up will leave a good impression on the visitors. Moreover, you no longer want to stay stuck to visitors who are disinterested in the deal altogether. An opt-out option will help you to find genuinely interested visitors that would be happy to hear back from you.

Keep the sign in sheet well located

Place your open house sign in sheet at the best place of your location where it can't be ignored. The best time to fill a signup form is before entering the open house.

You may even ask personally to fill up the sign-in form.

Never leave the form totally blank

People have the habit of following the suit. It is therefore advisable to fill up the first few entries of the sign-in form yourself so that people know what is needed to be filled.

Keep them engaged

Engage your audiences in your talks while they are filling up the form. This will not make them pressurized. Create a calm moment for them so that they can take their time to complete the sign-in form. You can also stay close by and help them in filling it up before they leave the column blank.

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