Sometimes, the court may mandate certain individuals to attend Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings. This court order might be as a result of a drunk-driving conviction or any alcohol-related conviction. These individuals are obligated to obey such oders, otherwise they risk facing dire consequences.

There is no proof that this individual attends these mandated meetings unless they fill in an attendance sheet and have a person in authority sign appropriately. The attendance sheet filled in these meetings is what is known as an Alcohol Anonymous (aa) sign in sheet. In this article, a lot more will be discussed about an aa sign in sheet, its contents and how it works.

What Is an AA Sign in Sheet?

An aa meeting sign in sheet is a unified document used to record attendance at alcoholics anonymous meetings. It is a simple document that facilitates the easy logging in of attendance by meeting participants.

This form often carries a written note to AA representatives that an individual is required by law to attend AA meetings. It also makes provisions for the group leader to sign in front of the attendees’ name to attest to the defendant’s participation in the meeting. The names are usually logged in only at the end of the meeting to ensure the attendee was present till the meeting’s end.

What Should Be Included in an AA Sign in Sheet?

Although aa attendance sheets differ from one jurisdiction to the other, there are fundamental elements that should be contained in any aa sign in sheet. They are:

  • The name of the AA group
  • Location where meeting of the AA group is to be held
  • Date and time of meeting
  • Number of days attendees are to frequent the meeting each week
  • Contact information of group leader in some states’ proof of aa attendance forms
  • Signature from the AA group meeting leader.

The signature from the AA group leader is what shows that an individual was present at the meeting. This is the only legal proof tenable in the court for an individual who is required by law to attend these meetings.

Since it is an ‘anonymous’ gathering, users are not mandated to fill in their names or contact information.

How Does The AA Sign in Sheet Work?

A defendant might be required to attend aa meetings as a result of prison overcrowding or the high costs of incarceration. This order to attend aa meetings might come from a parole officer, or court judge.

If facing an alcohol-related charge, the individual might be required to take a pretrial interview, screened for drinking and thereafter mandated to attend a specific number of meetings.

The defendant needs to obtain a sign in form and take it to all meetings. This form can be obtained from a reliable site like CocoSign with several aa meeting attendance sheets to download for free and use. This individual should fill in all pertinent meeting details. This includes particular information like name of the AA group, location of meeting, and session duration.

After the meeting, the defendant tenders the form to the group leader, chairperson or any other authorized representative at the meeting to confirm his/her attendance details by signing close to the name.

On completion of the attendance requirements including the number of meetings to be attended, the individual then submits this aa sign-in sheet to their parole officer.

In some states and jurisdictions, the defendants are required to report their attendance of the AA meetings themselves. In other words, the individual signs him/herself rather than have the group leader sign by his/her name. On such sign-in sheets, there is a stern warning against falsification of attendance which as stated on the sheet is deemed under the law, a criminal offense.

There is also another type of aa sign in sheet meant for the AA Bridging the Gap program. This sheet consists of two columns, with provisions for eight to ten volunteers. The aa sign-in sheet should contain information like the volunteer's name, town, gender, age and phone number(s). This is typically used by aa members who have become sober and are looking to sign up for the program to help other people who are just leaving detoxification centers and want to join the aa program.

AA meetings are sometimes mandated by courts and an aa meeting attendance sheet might be the only proof that the individuals mandated have met their attendance requirements. Rather than waste time drafting one and coming up with a poor draft, why not download one of the several aa attendance sheet forms on CocoSign for free?


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