What Is Name Signature?

As the name suggests, ‘Name Signature’ is a stylized inscription of your name, nicknames, or initials that you use to sign official, legal, or financial documents. These can be created by the name signature creator of CocoSign.

The name signature serves as proof of identity. Moreover, it depicts your intention to be involved in documents that are to be signed. The contemporary business world is continually becoming paperless; therefore, name signature has become familiar among organizations.

Business entities find name signature creator a great tool that assists them in achieving efficiency in their business processes. CocoSign name signature creator enables your business processes to become totally paperless.

Name signature creator will not only save time and costs but also increase security and accessibility to documents on any device and at any time. CocoSign is a user-friendly platform where you can easily create your name signature that is secured and free to use.

Moreover, your name signature is supposed to be unique as it is used in various contexts and serves as an extension of your personality. In this regard, CocoSign name signature creator offers you cursive font options to draw your signature.

How to Create a Name Signature Online?

Using CocoSign platform, you can create your name signature online easily and authentically. You can select your own font and signature style for creating a digital signature for yourself that can be used in various business workflows.

We offer you various options to create a name signature that is authentic and looks natural, and best represents you. You can avail the following options to create your name signature:


You can type in your signature using your keyboard. Once you have typed your name, you can select any font and style for your name signature.


You can also upload a snap of your signature from your computer or smartphone. Upload a scanned image of your signature on the name signature creator.


You can also draw a name signature using your mouse cursor or touchpad. You can use a finger on your touch screen to create your name signature.

Name Signature FAQs

How to write my name signature?

Sign your name on paper. Observe it carefully and find a style that you like the most. It will help you decide which changes you want to make in your name signature. Select the font that you like and practice writing your sign before creating it on CocoSign name signature creator.

Can I personalize my name signature?

Yes, you can personalize your name signature. On CocoSign, we provide you with different fonts, colors, and signature style that you can select when creating a name signature. After creating your signature, click on the ‘Save’ button. Now your personalized name signature is saved that you can use to sign documents whenever you want.

How can I create my name signature online?

For creating a name signature online, simply sign your name on paper. Now scan and save your signature on computer or mobile device in formats like .jpg, .png., .gif. You can upload this image to the name signature creator to create an online signature.

How to create a professional name signature?

Make sure your name signature is consistent with your document to make it more professional. Using CocoSign name signature creator, you can also change the color and font of your signature to ensure that it matches the color and fonts of your document that is to be signed.

Is the name signature creator free?

Yes, you can create an authentic and professional-looking name signature for free with CocoSign. Use CocoSign name signature creator to create a free online name signature to sign documents electronically.

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