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Why You Should Use the Hand Signature Generator?

Traditionally, business documents were printed, scanned, signed, and then sent. The whole process requires enough time and money that affect the overall productivity of business processes. Thanks to a hand signature generator that enables users to generate a handwritten signature in a fast and secure manner. Presently, smart businesses have found the best solution. Businesses are now using the eSignature system to generate electronic handwritten signatures to certify their online documents without any delay.

E-signatures can cut turnaround time by 40% used in signing documents. Also, the hand signature generator can take the hassle out of dealing with documents, scanners, and printers that are labor and time-intensive.

Using a hand signature generator is a viable option as it is simple, fast, and above all, secure. CocoSign’s signature generator offers bank-level security as they are SSL encrypted.

Our freehand signature generator can work with Android, iOS, and iPad so that you can easily generate your e-signature. This enables you to sign your documents using any device at any time. Whether you have to sign non-disclosure documents, mortgage or loan papers, or any other lease document, you can do it securely with our free hand signature generator.

How to Create a Handwritten Signature by CocoSign?

CocoSign’s hand signature generator makes it easier to sign documents and for free. A hand signature generator enables you to create your handwritten signatures in different ways. You can either draw a signature with the help of your mouse, or you can simply upload a snap of your actual handwritten signature into CocoSign’s hand signature generator.

Irrespective of the user’s level of experience, our free hand signature generator is simple and easy to use. Follow these steps to create a handwritten signature:

  • Open CocoSign in browser
  • Sign into account or create a new account if you don’t have one

Draw: You can draw your signature with the help of a mouse on your computer or using the touchpad. You can also create a sign with a finger with the help of our hand signature generator mobile app

Upload: You can take a picture of signature in your smartphone and then upload it to CocoSign

Type: You can also create a handwritten signature by simply typing your name and giving it a creative look with any of our fonts

Use any of the ways mentioned above that you find it convenient to create a handwritten signature. Get rid of tedious and time-consuming paperwork that may hinder your business conduct. Choose CocoSign and improve your business workflow right away!

Hand Signature FAQs

Is e-Signature secure?

Yes! E-Signature generated by using CocoSign tool is secured. We also provide a certificate to users, along with their signed documents with electronic signatures. Users’ signed documents are secured in file transit with SSL encryption.

Does CocoSign keep a copy of my hand signature?

Absolutely not! CocoSign does not keep a record of user’s hand signature images or any data due to privacy concerns. The unauthorized person cannot access e-Signatures that you create using our free hand signature generator.

What are handwritten e-Signatures used for?

These signatures can be used for signing and verifying various personal and business documents, including agreements, contracts, leases, loans, orders, and many more. Almost anything that you sign on paper can be signed with e-signatures.

Can I use hand signatures for legal documents?

Yes! Whenever you draw or enter your name on the Free hand signature generator, it is converted into a downloadable image of your signature. You can easily embed this image in your legal documents and any form that supports images.

How do I know CocoSign’s e-Signature is trustworthy?

Handwritten signatures created by CocoSign hand signature generator are secure as each sign is encrypted and documentable. Moreover, we offer a comprehensive audit trial including user’s information like name, email address, IP address, and other authentication methods.

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