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Advantages of Type Signature

There are multiple advantages of type signature online for businesses:

  • Businesses that deal with an exceptionally huge number of physical documents, they must consider using online signatures to make their workflow efficient while saving money, time, and enhancing productivity.
  • Employees that use conventional methods to sign documents entail several steps to sign and return official documents through email. Typing online signatures may help save time while signing documents within seconds.
  • Online signatures can cut the cost involved in printing, scanning, and shipping documents.
  • Businesses can improve the efficiency of the workflow as a type signature enables lesser delays. In addition, with online signatures, documents can be managed and tracked more easily and quickly.
  • Online signatures also help in eliminating the risk of duplication and modification of documents. Type signature online also ensures that documents are legitimate and verified as they are secured with a tamper-evident seal.
  • Type online signatures are digitally encrypted that keep them secure and protected against frauds.
  • Organizations that are working remotely can greatly benefit from this feature of type signature online. It helps businesses increase their storage space as documents can be stored in virtual servers.

How to Type Your Signature?

CocoSign allows you to type online signature while choosing from various great-looking handwriting fonts. You can customize your signature with style and colours you like. The procedure of creating an online signature will take a few clicks and swipes, and then your signature will be stored in your CocoSign account.

  • In order to type your signature, you can use the keyboard of your computer or mobile to type your signature. It is surely one of the easiest ways of creating an electronic signature .
  • After typing your name, now you can select any font that you like and that matches your document signature.
  • Once you have typed and selected the font and colour of your signature, now click on the ‘Save Signature’ button.

Now you can use your typed online signature on any online documents, emails, and websites to make most of its benefits.

What Is the Difference Between Hand Signature and Type Signature?

When it comes to the signature, we all know that it is one of the unique handwriting that is personal and represents a specific individual. Handwritten signature greatly differs from type signature, which is treated as a stamp. However, the hand signature is not listed in stamp panels.

One of the common differences between hand signature and type signature is that hand signatures are used to sign paper using a pen. In contrast, the type signature is used to sign documents with the help of an electronic device. Typed signatures are also legally valid like handwritten signatures.

Moreover, hand signatures are directly controlled by the signer. In contrast, digital or e-Signatures are applied by the computer commanded by the signer. Also, hand signatures have been largely used in forgery, whereas forgery and hijacking of type signatures are virtually impossible as they are highly encrypted. Of note, the mechanisms of forgery for type signatures and hand signatures are different.

Similarly, one can witness hand signatures; in contrast, type or digital signatures cannot be witnessed despite the fact these can be notarized. Moreover, it is no doubt that typed signatures have significantly improved business processes.

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