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An automated workflow can boost your workplace professionalism while cutting off unnecessary turnaround time for your employees, partners and clients that can be otherwise better spent elsewhere.

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Easy-to-use Document Management System

After logging in your CocoSign account, you’ll be able to check the general status of your documents, such as how many documents are completed, and how many are waiting for others to be signed or filled, and how many documents you need to work on. This way, you get to manage the documents in an orderly way.

Arrange documents in the right order

With CocoSign, users can easily streamline their workflow and therefore enhance their business efficiency, by automating steps needed for electronic signature collection, data collection and document delivery confirmation. You can also assign roles to different team members and users such as form filling, copy receiving, signing and so on.

Signing Step 1:The following signers will be emailed to sign first.Signing Step 2:Create a second group to sign next.Firstly, and will be emailed at the same time to sign. Secondly, and will be required in parallel to sign.Dave, Escamilla, Alger, Ullman QuinteroTakoEalaNote:Recipients will sign the document in a successive order if there is more than one signing step.Add a signing stepNextBackDave565@gmail.comTako520@gmail.comEscamilla@gmail.comEala@gmail.comUllman753@gmail.comQuintero11@gmail.comDaveTakoEscamillaEalaUllmanQuinteroNeeds to SignNeeds to SignReceives a Copy (CC)Receives a Copy (CC)Needs to SignNeeds to SignAlger@gmail.comAlgerReceives a Copy (CC)Add Recipients
TemplatesTrashTeamStart nowDocumentsDashboardHelpOperatingNameCreated DateLast ChangeAdd templateTemplatesHow to useMoreUseAgreement.pdfClient;08-05-2021, 10:4208-05-2021, 10:42MoreUseSales-Contract.pdfClient; Sales Manager(Me); CEO08-05-2021, 09:4208-05-2021, 09:42MoreUseEmployment-Contract.pdfNew Employee; HR; CEO08-05-2021, 09:3408-05-2021, 09:34MoreUseMarketing-Proposal.pdfClient; Me; My Manager08-05-2021, 09:3208-05-2021, 09:32MoreUseReceipt Template.pdfHR; New Employee; Manager; CEO;08-05-2021, 09:3008-05-2021, 09:30EditCreate a CopyRename TemplateDownloadSign in PersonCreate Signing LinkDelete

Generate templates for repeated use

For documents that need to be frequently used, you can create a template, specifying what fields to fill, and where to sign before sending it to multiple recipients. CocoSign’s user-friendly surface design makes it easy for users to follow instructions and fill the necessary parts.

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