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Rental Verification Form

    Our rental verification form template can be helpful when validating the information of your prospective tenant. Our landlord verification form is well-researched and legally acceptable to ensure you can verify the rental history of a tenant and avoid defaulters. Download it now for free and verify your renters' credit and individual details.

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Rental Verification Form
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Rental Verification Form

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If you are in the business of having a house or property for rent, then it’s important that you take crucial steps to protect your rental property from unscrupulous renters. One way to do so is by having a ready-made rental verification form.

So what is a landlord verification letter? It is a letter or form addressed to a tenant’s former landlord, asking for details about certain rent-related matters. Rent verification is a legitimate act and should not be seen as a form of intimidation or invasion of privacy of a potential tenant. Learn more about drafting a rental verification form today.

What Is a Rental Verification Form?

A rental verification form is a document that landlords use to verify information about the rental history of someone applying for tenancy. Usually, a person fills up the rental application form and submits it to the rental property owner or manager. The prospective landlord then sends the verification of rental form to the current or past landlords of the applicant to confirm the information in the rental application form.

If you are in the property rental business, having a tenant verification letter can help you better choose the tenant. This is especially useful if you have multiple tenants applying to rent your property.

A rental verification form is also called a landlord verification form, rent verification form, rental reference form, rental history and verification of rent form. Regardless of the name, a rental verification letter has one main purpose: to protect the property for rent.

Download a Rental Verification Form Online For Free

The property renting business is full of risks, among them defaulting tenants. You can help avoid such kinds of renters by requiring them to fill in a rental verification form. Use our editable template now and make your rental property management simpler.

What Is Included in a Rental Verification Form?

The truth is, you can ask whatever you want in a rental verification form and leave it to the landlord to provide as much information as you can. However, it’s also possible that the more you ask, the more the landlord could feel like not responding. Suppose you are a direct competitor of the landlord. All the more reason to expect hesitations on the part of the landlord.

Make your letter brief and professional. Here are some things that your rental verification letter should include:

Purpose of the rental verification letter or form

  • Name of the applicant
  • Rental property address
  • Consent from the applicants that they are allowing the property owner to verify information
  • Signature to complete the consent
  • Contact number of the property owner or manager

Details of the landlord

  • Landlord’s name and address
  • Landlord’s phone number and email address

Information about the applicant’s tenancy

  • Monthly rent
  • Move in date
  • Move out date, if applicable
  • Notices given to the tenant
  • Outstanding balance, if any
  • Issues with the tenant, if any
  • Would the landlord re-rent to the tenant?

Details about the requesting property owner or manager

  • Name and position
  • Contact details
  • Signature

You can include other details if you like. However, make sure that all the above details are included in your rent verification letter so you attain the very purpose of sending the letter.

Include a complete return envelope with a check and paid postage so the addressees can readily send their response back to you. Write clearly where you want the landlord to send the completed form.

When and Why Is a Rental Verification Form Needed?

Rent verification is part of due diligence. If you are a property owner or property manager, you want to make sure that the person applying to rent your property is trustworthy. With a rental verification letter, you can confirm the accuracy of the information provided by the applicant in his rental application form, especially the applicant’s current address.

A tenant verification letter can also help you gauge the applicant as a tenant. You want someone who has had no issues when it comes to paying the rent and dealing with neighbours. If you are renting out a multi-family property, you should make sure that the tenant-to-be intends to keep the peace.

Moreover, the rental history form will surely be helpful when you need to choose from multiple applicants. You can also use the rent reference form to correct spelling errors or get the complete former address.

On the part of the former or current landlord, having a copy of your rent verification letter can confirm the tenant’s new address in case of further needs in the longer term.

Rent verification is a legitimate act. Just make sure that you get the consent of the applicant to ask for his rental history, otherwise you might get in trouble.

Download a Rental Verification Form Online For Free

The property renting business is full of risks, among them defaulting tenants. You can help avoid such kinds of renters by requiring them to fill in a rental verification form. Use our editable template now and make your rental property management simpler.


Here are some of the most common questions asked by landlords and property managers when deciding to use a landlord verification form.

  • Do I need to send a verification of rental form to all of the applicant’s former landlords?

    No. Save yourself some time and money by sending the rental reference form only to the applicant’s current and most recent landlords.

  • How should I send the rental verification form?

    First, make sure that the potential tenants complete a rental application. As soon as you receive the rental application form, ask them to sign the rent verification form to get their consent. Let them know that as part of their application process, they should give the letter to their current or former landlord.

  • How do I make sure that the former or current landlord responds to the letter?

    Make sure to sound professional when you draft the letter. State your purpose and assure the addressee that you are asking for the information in good faith. Let them know also that you will not disclose this information to anyone unless required by law.

    Increase your chances of getting a response by paying for the postage. Send the letter together with a completed return envelope with postage and check.

  • Can I use a rental verification form to prove a potential tenant’s residency?

    Yes. But you may also just ask for an affidavit from the applicant.

  • Should I use a form or a letter to verify rental history?

    You have the choice between a rental verification form, which is often easier to answer, or a tenant verification letter, which is usually more professional. You can use either of the two, as long as you make sure to state your purpose and include the consent of the tenant.

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