Learn How CocoSign Assists Enterprise to Work
Easy Integration

Simplification of documents is an imagination becoming reality by eSignature technologies. Sign in from any of your tablets, laptops from anywhere and get easy access to your documents.

Highly Secured

eSignatures are legally verified. CocoSign guarantees a safe and secure experience to its users. From signatures to identities to payments, CocoSign promises to keep it all confidential.

Great User Experience

CocoSign provides an amazing user experience with less time and money consumption and takes you to a paperless world. Goodbye to that inconvenient and messy paperwork.

Global Trusted Services

eSignatures are now recognized and operated globally leading to a hassle-free experience. Enterprises are operated globally, and eSignatures help build trust by providing an authentic mark to seal the deal.

Work from Anywhere

You no longer need to stay hours and hours in the office for paperwork, replace your papers with a laptop and get your work done from anywhere and everywhere.


Spending huge amounts on printouts, on sending documents through couriers is efficiently replaced by eSignatures. CocoSign helps you securely mark your document by authentic eSignatures.

Benefits for Enterprise to Use eSignature Solutions

Handwritten documents need to be signed, shipped, faxed, or scanned, and filed. This consumes a lot of time and money, but a few years back this traditional method was the only method to pursue business ideas.

eSignatures have made a huge evolution in the world of e-business. CocoSign allows you to deliver a document to the address in a matter of minutes and at the same time retain the ability to verify authenticity.

With the assistance of CocoSign, your enterprise can conclude contracts, participate in auctions, submit reports to all regulatory authorities and file claims in court. Upload the document, create the signature, and send the authentic signed document to the recipient around the world.

It not only allows us to identify who signed the document, but also to detect the fact of making changes to it, after the moment of its signing. In this digitally hyped world, it is necessary to embrace all the modernized business methods to survive, so goodbye to all those faxes and printers.

The younger generation needs modern solutions, lesser hassle but more efficient and creative work. So, it's time to drop your pens and move to a trustworthy eSignature software.

Use Cases

  • Account Maintenance
  • Project Proposals
  • Trading Contracts
  • Tender Notice
  • Spreadsheet
  • Retailer Services
  • Consumer Services
  • Client Approval
  • Legitimate Services
  • Debenture Applications
  • Documents Validation
  • Training Requests

Enterprise FAQs

Can CocoSign scale to my enterprise?

CocoSign is also suitable for enterprise use, yes. You will need to get in touch with us to discuss the nature of your business and your requirements. We'll sign you up for a custom enterprise account, and make sure you receive all the support you need.

How does CocoSign work?

CocoSign is an e-signature soluation that allows you to sign, edit, and manage documents online. It offers airtight securirty and enterprise-grade features, from custom branding to API integration. Using CocoSign can make your workflow faster and more efficient.

Does CocoSign support advanced features for enterprises?

CocoSign offers several advanced features for enterprises like payment collection, role access management, signer attachments, bulk sendings, and in-person signing. The solution will scale to your business and can also boast solid API integration.

Can CocoSign keep my organization's data safe?

If you upload any document to CocoSign, you can rest assured that it will be as safe as can be. CocoSign follows all requisite data storage and safety procotols, including the GDPR. Your data remains private and isn't shared with anyone. Your signature is protected by top-grade encryption. Further, the auto-expiration feature ensures old documents get automatically removed from the servers after a specified time period.

Does CocoSign support mass signatures?

Yes, CocoSign will allow multiple people to sign a document at once. Further, it offers sequential signature support. You can get people to sign in any desired order.

What kind of documents does CocoSign support?

Any document you can scan and upload, you can sign with CocoSign. This includes contracts, forms, waivers, petitions, and financial documents. The solution also supports digitally-created documents. The supported formats are PDF and Word.

How much will CocoSign cost my organization to use?

The exact cost will depend on the size of your organization and the workflow. We'd love to give you a more specific estimate if you get in touch with one of our knoweldgeable company representatives.

Does CocoSign support API integration?

Yes, CocoSign supports integration APIs. You could potentially use it with one of your enterprise applications. Get in touch with us to learn more.

Is CocoSign mobile-friendly?

Yes, CocoSign is mobile-friendly. The app allows you to sign documents from your smartphone web browser. The document signing and editing tools work well on touchscreen devices.

Does CocoSign offer access management?

Yes, CocoSign offers access management for business accounts. Get in touch with our representatives to learn more about configuration options.

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