What Are Washington Business Forms Used For?

In simple terms, a Washington business form is described as an in-depth outline of business from its beginnings, its current position to its long-term journey. For instance, contracts serve as an opportunity for an organization to enter into new markets and further its reach.

Another example is a certificate of compliance, which acts as confirmation that a company has been properly registered with the state and is in compliance with all the regulatory filing obligations. In short, business forms are used as proof outlining how your company operates.

Although the scope of these documents varies from state to state, they are mostly used to validate a company’s position and provide assurance to any investors and customers. In this respect, it’s important to outline the importance of remaining compliant with all the requirements of the Washington state authorities in respect to good business governance.

It ensures that you avoid the risk of penalties and fines and knowing which specific business forms to submit to the authorities. as well as when the submissions should be made is essential.

What Business Forms Do I Need to Open a Business in Washington?

The first thing you need to do is to file articles of incorporation with the relevant, whether you’re starting a corporation, partnership, or LLC, this is where to begin. You may also find any further details on the registration process on the official website of the Department of Revenue.

While you may file your forms by paper, it is always better to file your forms and relevant information online as it is much faster, allowing your registration application to be processed within five days. You will then receive an email confirmation which will confirm that your business is now legally approved for formation.

You will also receive a unique 9-digit UBI number, which will then allow you to proceed with your application for a Washington State business license. You can either choose to apply online or find the readily prepared forms available on the CocoSign Washington business page.

Make sure that you have the UBI number, your Employer Identification Number (EIN), and any other relevant business details. In most cases, a license will set you back about $19 and should arrive within two weeks by mail.

Where Do I File Business Forms in Washington?

To officially form your corporation in Washington state, you will have to submit the relevant forms and articles of incorporation to the Washington Secretary of State Office. While you have the option to submit the forms in person or by mail, it’s always better to simply submit the files in PDF format, as filing online is easier and the office will process it much faster.

You can find all the relevant forms and templates that you may need and more on the CocoSign Washington business forms page. However, keep in mind that there is also a cost for filing, which will cost about $180 if you file by mail, or $200 if you file the forms online. If you do opt to mail the forms, then you can send them to the Washington Secretary of State - Corporations Division - P.O. Box 40234.

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