What Are Wisconsin Business Forms Used for?

If you are looking to establish or incorporate already existing business in Wisconsin, you’ll need to file an LLC. LLC (Limited Liability Company) is the viable option to structure your business legally. You need to file Wisconsin Business Forms with the Wisconsin secretary of state and commence your business. You also need to file an Article of Incorporation or Organization for Wisconsin LLC with the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions. Article of Incorporation is a legal document that registers your business as a Wisconsin Limited Liability company.

What Should Be Covered in Wisconsin Business Forms?

Wisconsin Business Forms should cover a few things. The foremost and the most important thing is your business name. It must include “Limited Liability Company” or an abbreviation like “LLC.” Keep your business name short and simple. The next is the name of your registered agent. You can list yourself or any individual Wisconsin resident or business. Make sure the registered agent should be available during business hours to acknowledge the legal documents sent for your LLC.

The third important part of your Wisconsin business forms is your registered address. Your registered address will become a permanent part of your business. Try not to mention your home address in the public records. If you have a registered agent, your registered address will be the place where an agent will be available to accept the legal notice. If you have any other provisions, you can add them here in the Wisconsin Business Forms. This may include a specific date in the future when you are looking to start up your corporation or any provision to grant primitive rights to your shareholders.

The option for additional provisions isn’t mandatory; you can fill or skip it. The other prominent section of your business forms is the name and address of the Incorporator. This Incorporator might be a director, official, or any person who submits an article on your behalf. You should at least have one Incorporator. Lastly, insert the name of the person who has prepared your Article of Incorporation. Typically, the name of the organizer should be listed.

Fill out a Wisconsin Business Form Online?

You can file Wisconsin Business Forms online. Click here to visit the website and submit the Wisconsin LLC Article of Incorporation. The filing fee for your Wisconsin LLC Articles of Organization is $130. Addition charges of $25 are applicable if you want expedited, next-day service. You can hire a registered agent who will guide you on how to fill Wisconsin business forms.

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