A last will and testament is a legal paper whose purpose is to deliver a person’s last wishes before his or her demise in the state of Arizona. The person is called the testator and in the last will and testament he is supposed to describe the manner in which he would like his assets and properties distributed.

The last will and testament Arizona also covers decisions regarding the custody of the testator’s children, if there are any. It also states how and who should manage the testator’s accounts and interests. The legal document passes on the wishes of the testator and mentions the arrangements to be made for the handling of the property after the testator’s death. You can visit CocoSign for such templates and other types of forms for your special needs.

Arizona Last Will and Testament

An Arizona last will and testament is a legal document that communicates the last wishes of the testator and what should be done with his or her possessions when the testator passes away. Possessions can include property, money, jewelry, bonds, and other valuable resources.

What should be covered in an Arizona Last Will and Testament?

There is no specific format or feature that an Arizona last will and testament has to adhere to. It could be as broad or specific and does not need to feature a certain language. However, the Arizona will forms must convey the intentions of the testator and must include the following:

  • Naming a guardian to take care of the testator’s minor children and management of their shares until they are of legal age to claim their inheritance.
  • Declaration of property and assets owned by the testator and proper instructions on how they are to be distributed post the testator’s demise.
  • The nomination of an executor who acts as the testator’s personal representative and is authorized to execute the will. The executor is responsible for handling the testator’s estate and for the gathering and distribution of his or her assets.

Benefits and Limitations

Without a will, the Arizona state decides the distribution of a deceased person’s property and assets. How the state chooses to distribute the property and what it may choose to do with the person’s assets may not match the wishes of the deceased.

The free legal forms Arizona allow the testator to choose a trustworthy person as the executor of his or her will. The most important aspect of having a will is that it allows the testator to decide who will inherit his or her property and assets, who will be the guardian of his or her minor children, and how his or her assets will be divided and distributed.

How to Write, Change, and Revoke a Last Will and Testament in Arizona?

The state of Arizona has six requirements for a last will and testament to be considered as a valid one.

  • The person framing the will, known as the testator, has to be at least 18 years old or older.
  • The document must communicate the intent of the testator
  • The testator must be of sound mental capacity while making the document.
  • The testator cannot make the will if he/she is under unduly influence - Manipulated or under duress.
  • A signature of the testator and the date are required on the will. In case the testator is unable to do so, the testator has to direct someone to carry out the same procedure on his/her behalf.
  • Two witnesses need to sign the will stating that all the aforementioned requirements have been fulfilled during the formation of the last will and testament.

In order to make any changes to an Arizona last will and testament, you need to make another will. Another method is by using a codicil, which is a document that allows you to add or modify the original document.

The last will can be revoked by either by performing a “revocatory act” with the intent to revoke all or certain portions of your will. Revocatory acts include tearing, burning, canceling, or destroying the will. This has to be done by the testator himself/herself in front of witnesses or by another person in front of the testator with his/her direction.

The other process of revoking an Arizona will is by simply making another new will which states that the old will has been revoked or that it contradicts it.

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