A final demand letter is a final request for your money back. It’s the official notice you send before you initiate legal action. We cover final demand letters in detail in this mini-guide. You can use our free template at the end to write an effective demand letter.

What Is a Final Demand Letter?

A demand letter is a formal demand you make of someone. Depending on the exact unique situation, you may choose to send follow-up demand letters. The final demand letter is the last one in the series and is an ultimatum to the other party.

If you’re about to send a final demand letter, chances are the situation can’t be salvaged. You may have no choice but to see the other party in court. In this case, your final demand letter will act as evidence.

As such, the final demand letter is formal, precise, and factual. It is usually strongly-worded, but it doesn’t contain threats. It also includes a clear demand and a statement of intent signifying the writer is prepared to take the recipient to court.

When and Why Do You Write a Final Demand Letter?

As the name suggests, the final demand letter is a final attempt. It is usually sent in the following cases:

  • Your previous demand letter or letters have been unanswered.
  • You haven’t received an appropriate response.
  • Your previous politely-worded requests failed to galvanize the recipient into action.
  • The recipient has failed to meet the due date even after committing to it.

Why do you send a final demand letter? It is not required you send a final demand letter – or even an initial demand letter. However, it helps your case. Here’s why it’s a good idea to write one:

  • A final demand letter can put a lot of pressure on the recipient. It may cause them to give in to your demand.
  • The final demand letter is evidence you can use in court. It shows you put real effort into settling the matter.
  • Preparing the letter gives you insight into the whole situation. It helps you prepare a solid case.

What Is Included in a Final Demand Letter?

Here is a list of the various details you should put in the final demand letter:

  • State that this is the final demand you’re making – an ultimatum.
  • Include the date of the notice.
  • Provide the recipient’s details.
  • Offer details of your agreement and their debt.
  • Mention the previous notifications or demands.
  • Provide the exact fees or other debt owed – including taxes, interest, penalties, and late fees.
  • Give them a due date.
  • Mention the local state laws that may apply to the situation.
  • Attach evidence like receipts and photos if applicable.
  • State what you intend to do if they don’t comply with your demand.

Expert Recommendations

These expert tips may come in handy when writing the letter:

  • Use a firm, formal tone, but don’t make threats.
  • Make sure your intent comes across clearly.
  • Consult with your attorney – you will likely need one.
  • Send a copy of the letter to your attorney.
  • Send the letter by return receipt.
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It’s a good idea to get your lawyer’s input before you write a final demand letter. If you’re making a final demand, you probably have a court case on your hands. As such, your final demand letter has to be absolutely perfect. It will become evidence in court.

Use CocoSign’s free final demand letter template to create a solid, acceptable letter. We offer letters and other legal templates for a range of scenarios.


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