Learn How CocoSign Assists Small Business to Work
Work More Productive

CocoSign allows you to interact with the international customers and clients just at a distance of a single click. You really don't need to wait for hours now to get approvals. eSignature saves your precious time which can be utilized in productive works.

Easy to Use

To contact anyone, anywhere in the world, all you need is access to CocoSign through your mobile or your PC. It helps in improving integration using tools like Microsoft 365, Salesforce, and Workday for managing daily work at a greater pace.

Secure Data Storage

The security of your data is the core responsibility on the shoulders of CocoSign. This means you really don't need to worry about it. Just trust in our advanced information management infrastructure qualified to protect your data from all sorts of external threats.

High Level of Authentication

The onboard CocoSign team members are authorized to certain access rights which are further encoded with multiple security checks. Only verified users can login to their accounts.

Widely Accepted In the World

eSignatures are a new trend in business communication. Our eSignature services are widely recognized throughout the world and the lead reason behind this is our capability of quick processing and high-level security.

Globally Recognized

Almost all the major corporations in the world are making use of eSignatures to reduce 70-80% wastes in their business. CocoSign services make your business management faster and more reliable.

Benefits for Small Business to Use eSignature Solutions

CocoSign aims to deliver the fastest digitized solutions allowing you to get your documents electronically signed, receive payments and approvals from any part of the world. You just need to register now to get started with us immediately.

Known to impart standard quality digitalization, CocoSign maintains the hype of eSignatures to its peak. Moreover, you will get premium accessibility at our platform allowing your business to run 24/7 without a halt.

With CocoSign, you can virtually create any sort of document and may convert into any other format of your choice. This automation allows flexible workflow capabilities and to move forward to the next step by orderly completion of the former one.

You can also keep an eye on recipients' transactions. Our data controllers require multiple data validation which ensures getting rid of system anomalies and data entry errors.

Use Cases

  • Customer Service Agreements
  • Sales Contract
  • Project Proposals
  • Project Approval Forms
  • Statement of Work Documents
  • Supplier/Vendor Agreement
  • Sales Order Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Timesheets
  • Non-disclosure Agreements
  • Leave Applications
  • Training Requests

Give your small business a shot in the arm

Sign and send contractor forms

CocoSign makes handling your contractors a breeze. Use professional contractor form templates to speed up your paperwork.

Use office president forms

Customize, sign, and share a variety of office president forms through CocoSign. It's fast, safe, and private.

Create and send SBA forms

Locate and fill in a variety of SBA forms online. Edit them with CocoSign's tools and send them out from your account.

Small Business FAQs

Why should I use CocoSign for my small business?

CocoSign is a powerful, useful e-signature utility. It makes it easy for you to sign, share, and manage your paperwork. The solution also offers advanced features that small businesses will find useful like user access management and signature auditing.

How much will it cost me to use CocoSign?

CocoSign has a free tier, an individual tier, a business tier, and an enteprise tier. The business tier, suitable for most small businesses, costs $30 per month if paid on a yearly basis, and comes with 2 free months bundled in.

What kind of documents will CocoSign accept?

CocoSign allows you to sign any and all documents. If it can be scanned and uploaded, it can be signed. Examples include contracts, NDAs, petitions, waivers, forms, curriculars, permission slips, and financial documents. You can upload all popular digital document formats to CocoSign.

Is the paperwork I sign with CocoSign legally-valid?

The paperwork you sign with CocoSign is as legally-valid as any document you put a wet signature on. Digital signatures are accepted worldwide, in 60+ countries to be precise. We suggest checking your local laws before signing an especially important document on CocoSign.

Is my data safe on the CocoSign platform?

Yes, your data is safe on CocoSign. The platform follows all the standard data safety and security best practices and regulations such as the GDPR and HIPAA. Your data remains yours and is only accessible to you. Further, if you want added security, you can have documents self-delete after a period of time.

Does CocoSign store my signature?

CocoSign can optionally store you signature, yes. If you're a small business owner that often needs to sign documents, you can save yourself time and effort by quickly "copy pasting" your signature.

Can I send documents to my clients with CocoSign?

You can send documents to your clients through the CocoSign account dashboard, yes. The dashboard will also track the status of the document, and allow you to send out email reminders if the recipient has forgotten to sign.

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