Where Are West Virginia Social Forms Needed?

It is important to fill West Virginia Social Forms to work as entry-level social workers to provide general, non-clinical services such as social advocacy, case management, and program administration and development. Similarly, if you are looking to practice general social work, teach bachelor’s and master’s students, and provide clinical services in West Virginia, you need to fill in West Virginia Social Forms. Once you fill West Virginia Social Forms, you get social work licenses, stating that you have the adequate education and experience required to carry social work in West Virginia, therefore to practice social work in West Virginia, you must hold a license from the state’s Board of Social Work.

The Board offers four levels of social work licensure: Licensed Social Worker (LSW), Licensed Graduate Social Worker (LGSW), Licensed Certified Social Worker (LCSW), and Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)

For all levels of a license, the Board offers the option of a temporary permit, which allows an individual to practice social work for up to six months while you prepare for the license exam. Finally, the Board may issue a provisional license to individuals who have bachelor’s degrees in the area of work other than social work.

What Should Be Included in West Virginia Social Forms?

West Virginia Social Forms include basic information such as your Full Name, Address, Mobile Number. You need to fill in the details regarding your educational qualification such as your degree, name of college/university, and last month/year of your graduation. The application is followed by some more questions, such as if you were ever offered a license in any other state as a Social Worker. If yes, clearly mention the name of the state and when your license is going to expire. You need to choose the highest level of ASWB exam you have passed in any state, which includes Basic, Masters, Advanced, Clinic. The form has an option that states if you were ever in Western Virginia and if your license expired or was inactivated by the application, or where you were licensed and performed social work in West Virginia. Last, clearly state the level of licensure you are applying for, whether it is for Entry-level, Intermediate or Advanced Level.

How to Write a West Virginia Social Form Online?

It is preferred that applicants should submit a supporting recommendation from the director of their undergraduate program. Applicants can use this as an academic reference; they can even submit a recommendation letter from a different BSW faculty member, which is also acceptable.

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