How Many Types Does Foreign Immigration Forms Have?

The USA has over twenty non-immigrant visa application form types and there are many more for immigrants. This means you can find various types of foreign immigration forms if you are planning to live in the United States permanently.

The specific foreign immigration forms that you need will be determined by the specific reason why you want to immigrate to the USA. It will also be determined by the circumstances surrounding your immigration reasons.

These forms include Biographic Information, Verification Request, and Genealogy Records Request. Some others that you can find include Application for Naturalization, Employment Eligibility Verification, and Authorization for Credit Card Transactions forms.

You can find the different types of immigration forms and visa requirements on the official websites of the USA immigration.

What Are Included in Foreign Immigration Forms?

The content of a foreign immigration form is determined by the type of form it is. Each foreign immigration form has specific details that are required of the applicant.

For instance, the Application for Naturalization form (N-400) is meant for people that desire to apply for citizenship in the United States. This form has different parts that require that the applicant provide specific personal and immigration details.

It includes information about the applicant's eligibility, such as age, duration of lawful permanent residence in the United States, the reason for application, and so on. Applicants also have to provide their 9-digit A-Number while completing the form.

It also covers other personal details, such as the legal name of the applicant, Social Security Number, country of birth, disabilities, residence information, and so on.

The form contains detailed questions on different aspects of the applicant’s life and family. This is the same for every other type of foreign immigration form in the United States.

Why is Foreign Immigration Form so Important?

If you want to immigrate to the United States legally, it is important to complete the foreign immigration form that relates to your circumstance. Residing in the USA without filling out and filing appropriate forms means you are living in the country illegally.

This has consequences and can result in deportation from the USA and back to your country of origin. The reason why you have left your country in the first place would not be considered if you are deported. Therefore, it is important to follow due process and complete the required foreign immigration forms.

How to Complete a Form for Foreign Immigration?

You can find appropriate foreign immigration forms without stress. CocoSign has a stock of editable foreign immigration forms for different purposes. You can browse through the category to find the form that applies to you.

When you have found the form, fill out the form directly on the page and provide the required information on the form. After completing the form, use the e-signature tool on the website to append your signature.

Before you download the form for submission, ensure that you go over the details you have provided carefully. All information you have given must be accurate or your request may be denied.

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